The Silent Revolution Of Truth : Billy Meier's Story !

Billy Meier's Contacts with the Pleiadians is one of the most notable cases of an ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact with beings from another world. While some of us continue to hold this image of Extraterrestrials as 'Aliens' would be surprised beyond belief to find out that there are thousands if not more such human civilizations out there evolving at different stages respectively.

Some of these advanced civilizations share our DNA and are believed to have played an important part in the creation of human life on planet earth ... From all the descriptions and information on the Pleiadians circulated on the Internet there is one plausible factor common to all ... they look a lot like us however are multidimensional light beings now, having gone through similar stages of evolution on their home planet Erra in the Pleiades Star System 400 light years from Earth.

The Silent Revolution Of Truth is yet another thrilling Billy Meier documentary by Michael Horn from about the Billy Meier contacts with the Pleiadians ...

Release Notes ...

In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism and… he’d already been to the moon.

Is it the biggest hoax… or the most important story in human history?

Now you can decide for yourself !

The long awaited, new, feature length documentary on the Billy Meier case is finally here ! Now, for the first time, you’ll see and hear Billy Meier’s life story in his own words !

You’ll see photos and films of:

  • Meier handling the infamous laser pistol!
  • Multiple UFOs and a UFO hovering…over Meier’s head!
  • A demonstration of a recent magnetic levitation invention that proves Meier’s UFOs are the real thing!
  • Scientific examination of the UFO sounds and metal samples!
  • The apple grown more than 30 years ago…in a Plejaren space ship!
  • The secret Nazi UFO…used with devastating results against Allied bombers in WWII!
  • The MGM FX UFO model and Meier’s 60+ words per minute, one-handed typing!
  • …and never before released Meier UFO photos!

You’ll learn about Billy Meier’s :

  • Contacts with the Plejaren, Sfath, which began when he was…five years old!
  • Conservative parish priest – and UFO contactee – Father Zimmermann, who helped him cope with his otherworldly experience!
  • Early hardships, youth prison and his escape from the French Foreign Legion!
  • Travels into the past and future with Asket, from the Dal universe!
  • Meetings with world leaders from Mahatma Gandhi to…Saddam Hussein!
  • Role as The Phantom in the Middle East, apprehending serial killers and mass murderers!
  • Loss of his left arm in a brutal accident in Turkey and the life-threatening delirium that followed!
  • Dream that saved him from a would be assassin!

And there’s new information about:

  • The discovery of the Talmud Jmmanuel, the 2,000 year-old document, so heretical it threatens the very foundation of all the major religions!
  • Who Jmmanuel really was and how the name “Jesus Christ” was later given to him…with photos of the actual tomb of the crucifixion!
  • Spiritual teachings – and predictions – from the Plejaren!

You’ll also meet and hear from:

  • Family members sharing what it was like growing up with a UFO contactee!
  • Numerous other witnesses, including a retired UN diplomat!
  • Other witnesses, some who also photographed the UFOs!

Fair and balanced! You’ll also learn about:

  • What a professional therapist has to say about people who say they’ve been in contact with extraterrestrials!
  • The analysis of Meier’s and the UN diplomat’s honesty by an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces – who depend on the same observational skills in life and death situations!

And there’s more in the Special Features section!

  • See a professional skeptic take his best shot at Meier’s evidence…and Michael Horn’s rebuttal!
  • Learn the history of the human race in the universe over millions and millions of years!
  • Hear the story of how the first interstellar songwriting collaboration took place – and hear the song itself!

Feature length: 1:32 Special Features: :38 Total running time: 2:10

Once you see this new film you’ll want to have everything available on the Meier case !

Quite True ... You can find some more Billy Meier Documentaries below ...

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Anonymous said...

wow is this all really true?, are they even good???

Anonymous said...

yes... they are good. remember your brothers and sisters. Think of them when the time comes, and their you will find your answer...

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