The 777 Aum/Om Crop Circle : Eastfield Wiltshire !

On the 7th of July 2007 (777) something truly magical appeared at Eastfield, Wiltshire which looks exactly like the 'Aum' symbol (ॐ) ! In this video below Gary King revisits the time when the 777 Crop Circle appeared and shares with us his insightful connection with the 07/07/07 Aum Crop Circle of Eastfield !

Black unmarked Helicopters were also seen hovering over the formation the following day clearly indicative of an obvious Military interest in the crop circle phenomena, while the media continues to label all crop circles as hoaxes and so on ... keeping the masses oblivious of the truth !

The small circles towards the end of the 3 big arcs in the formation look so much like the ones in the Triple Julia Set formation of Switzerland which appeared on the 8th of July 2010 !

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Unknown said...

Thank-you for this, can some one please shead some light on an experiance I and a small group of people had in 1983 in minchenhampton common, Whilst out on a midnight ramble with our house parent Debbie O'leary, we suddenly were stoped by a large shaft of light, that had a vibration and a rainbow on either side, it was longer than a flash, and must have lasted for more than a few second's, It was not a frightening experiance (well not for me ) I was truly mesmorized, it was more than beautiful, and felt some'what calming. Then Cristine started to screem, and we had to go back. We were told by Debbie not to mention it to enyone. but I feel realy blessed by this wonderouse and warming experiance X thank's for letting me share, your's Joanne Murison

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