10 10 10 Spiritual Mastery : A Message From Archangel Gabriel

Here's a channeled message from Archangel Gabriel through Phoenix Rising Star about 10 10 10 and it's spiritual significance ...

I asked the angels about the significance of 10-10-10.

Archangel Gabriel replied:

10-10-10 is the new beginnings on a spiritual level. Like the quickening prior to birth, it is the signal of change. It is the feeling of something different, even if you're not sure exactly what that is.

It is the sensation of movement.

It is the knowing without knowing how you know, that everything you've perceived as normal up to this time is now changing faster and more intensely than ever before.

In short, 10-10-10 is the spiritual change coming in prior to the physical change.

This can lead people into a kind of panic if they are not clear about living in their hearts.

Lack of preparation for change, especially when you're not sure what kind of change is coming, leads to restlessness, lack of security, even fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of what is.

Fear of fear.

The important thing to remember, as always from now on, is to stay in your heart.

Spiritual mastery such as this is necessary in order to ascend.

The love-fear-love cycle is prevalent in today's world.

You read about staying in your heart.

You practice meditations on staying in the heart.

You learn mantras, mudras, and postures to open your heart and stay in your heart.

And something comes along that is unusual, abnormal, even different, and what happens?

You drop into the fear.

However, being aware of the love-fear-love cycle makes you immediately aware that you have dropped into fear.

And that awareness helps you to move back into the love faster.

You don't stay in the fear as long.

You don't go as deeply into fear as before.

And staying in your heart is easier and easier.

This is spiritual mastery.

Hence 10-10-10 is making us even more aware of our choice of spiritual mastery, our opening to change, and our choice to stay in our hearts. This solid foundation of love will make all the difference for you in the coming times.

Love-Fear-Love. Choose love. Every time.

I remain your faithful servant, Archangel Gabriel

I have included The 10-10-10 Spiritual Mastery Meditation here in written format.

You are welcome to join us via teleconference at 10AM AZ time on 10-10-10 as we share this meditation with a live audience. There is no charge for the teleconference other than any long distance charges you might incur. I can't use Skype for this as it only allows 25 people for teleconference, and we're expecting many more. So if you would like to experience this meditation live in a group energy format (certainly more powerful!), please join us by calling 218-936-7999 and use the access code 4177595. Just a warning! The last time we did a large group meditation like this, the circuits became overloaded and everyone was cut off at the same time. If that happens again, please keep calling back on that same number until you get through. After the meditation, the live version on mp3 will be uploaded on our website where you can download it for free and continue to use it as much as you like. Our web address is www.sedonaheartwalk.com

10-10-10: Spiritual Mastery Meditation

Find a place to get comfortable and close your eyes. Center your awareness in your heart and begin breathing in a rhythmical fashion that works for you. Gently allowing your breath to relax you in your comfortable position. In and out, slowly….gently.

Open your heart to the natural flow of love and gratitude that exists in the Universe. Open your heart to receive this natural flow and allow your heart to feel fuller and fuller, larger and larger…….allowing love and gratitude to flood into your being…….allowing your being to be larger and larger with it. Until you feel so filled with love and gratitude, you become a big ball of light. Light, love and gratitude……….almost floating above the ground………….

When this happens, with your intention, send yourself as this ball of light, love and gratitude down to the center of Mother Earth and rest there a moment. Maintaining your form as a ball of light, love and gratitude………..observe how it feels to be in the center of the Earth…….feeling the grounding…..

Begin sending your light, love and gratitude outward in a pulse into the Earth. Timing it with your pulse. Timing it with the pulse of the Earth……….

Sending it. Sending it. Sending it.

Feeling it expand into the Earth.

Feeling the connection with the Earth….and all life on it…….sending light, love and gratitude with your pulse…..

Until you feel the pulse of love and gratitude coming back to you…….in an ever present pulse of its own………allowing yourself to receive this love and gratitude….as you continue to send it out…..

Sending, sending, sending……..

Receiving, receiving, receiving……….

Feeling yourself grow larger and larger in your ball of light as all this love and gratitude is given back to you. Given to you as you continue to send it. Larger and larger…………grounding your energy of love into the Earth……grounding the love of the Earth into you…………

Until at some point, it just feels complete for now.

When that happens, with gratitude, move your ball of light, love and gratitude upwards through and out the Earth and into the Universe. To the heart of Father Sky…..feeling the expansiveness……feeling the limitlessness………and rest there a moment.

Maintaining your form as a ball of light, love and gratitude………..observe how it feels to be in the center of Father Sky…….feeling the vastness…..

Begin sending your light, love and gratitude outward in a pulse through the Universe……feeling the natural pulse of the Universe and timing your light, love and gratitude with that……..

Feeling the pulse of love and gratitude radiating through the stars and the planets……

feeling their response…..

feeling the presentation of love and gratitude back to you from the stars and the planets in the form of a pulse…..

allowing yourself to receive it……

allowing yourself to grow from it……..feeling your light expand with it……

and sending love and gratitude back through the Universe…..

Sending and receiving. Sending and receiving. Sending and receiving.

Light, love, and gratitude.

Expanding your own light with this energy.

Touching all parts of the Universe.

Because you can.

Feeling yourself making a difference.

Knowing you are making a difference.

Through love and gratitude.

For today, I choose to love rather than judge.

For today, I choose to love rather than fear.

For today, I choose love.

For today, I choose to make a difference with love and gratitude.

Feeling your light radiate into all of the darkest corners of the Universe.

Touching all life everywhere.

Changing all life everywhere.

Changing within your being. Changing all aspects of yourself.

On all layers, levels, lifetimes and dimensions.

Staying in the love and gratitude……….for as long as you wish.

And when you're ready, allow your ball of light, love and gratitude to gently come back into the room, grounding you in your experience in a way that works for you. Knowing you are changed, and you have changed the world with your love and gratitude.


For more information on Your HeartWalk Center in Sedona, AZ, see their website: www.sedonaheartwalk.com

For more information on Integrated Energy Therapy, see their website: www.learniet.com

Source : The Spirit of Ma'at

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