Altered States : Drug Cultures Around The World !

"Altered States" is an episode from the Taboo documentary series on NGC, which explores drug cultures around the world where people use drugs to enter an "altered state" of consciousness, sometimes with dangerous consequences. We visit a village in Venezuela where shamans use drugs to contact the spirit world, a festival in Nepal where Marijuana & Hashish is temporarily legalized and a club scene in Amsterdam where drugs have become a focus of both recreational indulgence and scientific inquiry.

Some of the translations and the so called facts presented here are untrue and exaggerated ... You decide what resonates with you as the truth ! :)

~ BoOm Shanti ~

Reference : National Geographic Channel

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Anonymous said...

wow those nat geo editors really exagerated on a lot of stuff about marijuana lol they almost made it look like crack when the hindu was talking just taking advantage that they're viewers don't know the language

Anonymous said...

this doc sucks ass, calling all drugs narcotics is like calling white people black !serious risk of brain damage ? yes form coffee, what studies show ecstasy causes it ? None, only methamphetamines given to monkeys cause brain damage, and that is a fraudulent study !

freedom of religion, freedom, period, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, this is like watching a film that makes it okay for nazis to kill jews , lies , lies,

to be fair it was somewhat tolerant of an issue that is NOT an issue, but propaganda is always used to hurt innocent people. i'd put in the more tolerant than not tolerant world view but after all why don't they say BUT USING ALCOHOL CAN CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE, alcohol IS brain damage .

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