ET Smoking Ganja Pipe : Crop Circle at Cherhill White Horse Wiltshire 27th July 2011

... HAHAHAHAHAHA ! This one is just too much ... We've seen some cartoons and pictures of Aliens/ETs depicted as coming to Earth to smoke some of the Sacred Herb, Cannabis ! Now we have an amazing crop circle depicting an Alien smoking a Peace Pipe at the Cherhill White Horse, near Calne Wiltshire ! HAHAHAHA ... Couldn't get any better than this ... The message is quite clear ... Please pass the Peace Pipe Around ... :-)

On a personal synchromystical note ... Just moved to smoking the herb in a pipe couple of weeks back ... totally loving it :-)

The 7 petals of the Cannabis Leaf are well represented by the 7 rays emanating from ET's head !

There is some sort of a spiral as well at the Ajna Chakra of the ET in the formation ... quite like this one ... :-)

Crop Circle Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funniest crop circle ever made..Alien with a pipe smoking ganja.

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