The Cosmic Serpent Crop Circle West Woodhay Down, Wiltshire : 29th July 2011

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !!! This beauty was reported on the 29th of July 2011 at West Woodhay Down, near Inkpen, Wiltshire. Spread across 11 tramlines with 29 circles making the body of the serpent ... The number 29 is key to this formation, adding 2+9 we get 11 ... which is a master number ... awakening to Oneness ((( All is 1 ))) ! It's one of the biggest crop circles ever seen in England. The symbolism of the Cosmic Serpent, DNA Activation and Earth's Kundalini Awakening stand out ...

... the PSI symbol or the Trident, the Trishul of Shiva as it's known in India is represented as the Serpent's/Dragon's Tongue. All this seems symbolic of the return of "Quetzalcoatl" and DNA Activation ... Earth's Kundalini Rising !

Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector

Please do share your views in the comments section below ... In Lak'ech Ala Kin ... ~_/\_ ~ :-)

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