UFOs Filmed Above BBC Radio 1 London : 24th June 2011

On the 24th of June an unusual phenomena was filmed in the skies of London, right above the BBC Radio 1 building multiple bright light (orbs/ufos) were seen zipping across the sky and then a much larger disk shaped object emerges from the clouds pulsing and changing it's brightness. There are at least 3 separate videos of the same phenomena taken by eyewitnesses providing credible proof of the sighting to be real and not CGI as most skeptics would like to believe. Apart from the video shot from right next to the BBC Radio One building there is one taken from beside the Tower Bridge.

Here is a zoomed in view of the bright pulsing light seen over the BBC Radio 1 !

Another video of the same phenomena from a different location ...

The following video was taken from the Tower Bridge ...

The voices in the slow mo playing at half speed are funny ... hehehehe :-D

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Satscape said...

The first one looks very convincing, as it was shot on a CMOS sensor based camera (rolling shutter), very hard to make fake motion-matching CGI using those types of camera, but the second one looks off to me, the orbs seem to be overlayed with no motion-matching used.
I've made some fake UFO footage myself, not to ridicule this stuff, but to see how easy it is to fake and show people they shouldn't believe everything they see.
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