The Message of the Pleiadians : Documentary Film

'The Message of the Pleiadians' is a short 30 minute documentary film made by Jim Nichols about the brief history of ongoing human contacts with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades star system and the message of cosmic unity that they bring to us so we can collectively emerge from the darkness of ignorance and shine brightly, the light that we truly are ... In this documentary there are many truths shared about our current reality by many independent researchers, contactees and channeling mediums such as Lt. Col. Wendel Stevens (Retd.), Billy Meier, Charles A. Silva and Barbara Marciniak, the author of "The Bringers of Dawn - Teaching from the Pleiades". All these people share a common Pleiadian message of universal brotherhood !

The film ends with a powerful message from the Pleiadians ... "The only one limiting the progress of the Earth Human is the Earth Human himself."

Reference : UFO TV

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