Fire On The Mountain : A Gathering Of Shamans

Fire on the Mountain : A Gathering of Shamans is a documentary about the connection between consciousness and nature, as embodied in the spiritual traditions of Indigenous Peoples, whose ecological metaphors of the sacred are so relevant to the modern world.

The film was co-executive produced by Michael O'Callaghan, President of Global Vision Corporation in London, and Sheldon Rochlin, President of Mystic Fire Video in New York. It was produced and directed by the award-winning filmmaker David Cherniack in Toronto, Canada.

A producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) since 1980, his many documentaries include "Heart of Tibet: An Intimate Portrait of the Dalai Lama", and "Four Noble Truths" (narrated by Richard Gere).

We shot the project in 1997 at an historic 10-day gathering of shamans from five continents, who travelled to Karma Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre in the Val Saint Hugon in Savoy, in the French Alps, to discuss their concerns with H.H. the Dalai Lama and high-level representatives of the world's religions.

This documentary embodies the wish of these Indigenous People - all traditional wisdom-keepers, shamans and medicine-women - who requested us to communicate their message to the world.

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