David Wilcock's The Science Of Oneness

David Wilcock's 'The Science of Oneness' Convergence Volume Two, goes deep into esoteric wisdom and brings to light much information concerning the accelerated shift in consciousness humanity is undergoing now and why he believes that consciousness is fundamental to reality and it's evolving to a much higher sense of self, awakening to cosmic oneness, moving towards a singularity where time ceases to exist and all duality is transcended, we awaken to Infinite Oneness !

Following is an excerpt from his book 'The Science Of Oneness' ...

Chapter 2 : The Aether Is Pure, Conscious Oneness


We live in a harmonic universe, built upon a unified, unseen foundation of conscious, loving energy, known as "zero point energy" or "aether." Up until the 20th century, all Western scientific tradition proposed that such an energy force existed, going back to at least the time of the ancient Greek philosophers, and most likely to a far older civilization with advanced scientific knowledge.

The existence of this aether was supposedly proven to be false by the Michaelson-Morley experiment (M-M) at the beginning of the 20th century, and most scientists still believe that it is correct. There are a number of reasons for why the M-M experiment is flawed, and for our technically-inclined readers, many of the researchers that we will be mentioning have detailed explanations of how it was misinterpreted.

We now know that an “aetheric” science is the only remaining model of the Universe that fits together with the evidence that is now available. Current theories working with these aether concepts, including “Sequential Physics,” "Subquantum Kinetics," "Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics," "General System Theory," "Reciprocal System Theory," "Harmonic Universe Theory," "Maxwell / Whittaker scalar-wave physics" "Hyperdimensional Physics" and any number of “Unified Field Theories,” all agree that our physical reality arises from this hidden energy substance, which creates all that we know and see by vibrating.

And thus, like fishes in the sea, the pressure of this energetic “fluid” constantly surrounds us, though we do not normally notice its presence. In this wealth of new data, the aether fluid is a source of tremendous energy that is in constant vibrational motion, flowing through all objects in the Universe, creating and recreating them every second — just as a candle flame is constantly absorbing new wax and oxygen and radiating new heat and light, but still continues to exist as a measurable "unit."

Should this aether ever stop flowing and swirling about with such an intelligent, purposeful behavior, all mass would shed heat, gradually "dissolve" and return to its primordial energy state; the "flame" would go out.

Indeed, this new "physics of the 21st century" tells us that the very building blocks of mass, the atoms and molecules themselves, are not particles at all. Instead, they are ultimately nothing more than spherical whirlpools of energy in this flowing river of aether. And the aether itself provides the most tangible, scientific way to define, explain and even engineer the Mind of God.


Our ultimate contention is that all of the fundamental fields – gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear and strong nuclear force – must emanate directly from the aether, a unifying force of sympathetic vibrations that forms all of physical reality as we now see it. Consciousness is fundamentally interwoven with this process.

If the Unified Field is pure energy, and the energy must move to form all of physicality, then ultimately Consciousness is another from of aetheric movement. Once a person is properly trained, they can use their consciousness to create motion in the aether in any of its forms, including the commonly observed force fields. And as the Russian scientists have demonstrated, this is no longer speculation; this is experimental data.

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