Crop Circles : Messages From The Future

Linear time is a frustrating thing. At least to those who inhabit the invisible universe: the souls or spirits. We humans fret about time, or lack of it, or the speeding up of, or what will happen in time, or in the future, or… you get the picture. Meanwhile, in the spirit world, they fret about what a fret we make over something that does not exist outside our own physical reality; all that happens happens in the now, and a number of probable futures are at play and we knew this before we, ourselves, incarnated. Except that, for the most part, we do not remember. And that’s where the problem arises about the future, at least our perception of it. Confused?

Well, let us take a look at this from another perspective. In the spirit realms, things operate not in linear fashion but in the round and in cycles— much like the creators of crop circles, whose messages generally appear in the round as well as in cycles. In my time as a researcher of sacred spaces and their connection to human consciousness, I’ve been privy to many interesting— and challenging— phenomena, one being the origin of crop circles and those responsible for them. The genuine ones, that is. And precisely why they are here and why now. And a large part of the answer lies in the way the world works outside our physical realm.

Across the thin veil, the world of soul or spirit or Creator is a well-oiled machine that functions on the basic principle that all existence exists for one simple purpose: to have an experience. This may come as a disappointment to many of us, but there you have it, it’s all about having an experience. The evidence is supported by thousands of clinical past-life regression case studies who, upon returning from a hypnotic state, claim this to indeed be the case. And one of the most challenging experiences for the soul is to incarnate here on Earth.

Since souls have no physical body, as we would perceive it, they have no direct emotional experience until they acquire carnal shape. Thus, Earth provides a unique environment where not only do they get to experience emotion— too much, I must profess— but since souls arrive here with a pre-induced case of amnesia, they also have to interact with six billion others, most of whom also cannot fathom why they came here in the first place.

This makes the play that is human life both fascinating and tragic. And the difference between that fine line is defined by how we, as the embodiment of those incarnated souls, go about the business of remembering who we are and why we’re here. And this is where sacred space, and phenomena such as crop circles come in.

Back in the spirit world, when we sit in the cosmic library looking at possible future situations in which we want to be involved, we already understand that upon incarnating we will not remember why. It is designed that way, so you do not borrow from previous lessons or incidences and thus learn to handle new experiences from a fresh perspective; your gut feeling or instinct acts as a barometer between you in the now and any past-life experience. That is why it is important to pay attention to that gut feeling. Our teachers and guides on the other side know of the difficulties associated with this disconnect between the soul in a human body and the spirit world. They also understand that since we will have free will to follow three possible outcomes, and that being a grounded soul will make us susceptible to material attachments and illusions, there is an agreement between incarnating souls and spirit guides that signs, signals, people, events and other mnemonic devices will be used, from time to time, to remind us of our greater purpose.

I’m not talking about plagues, earthquakes, signs of Beelzebub and other biblical-style events. I’m talking about situations that have such a direct impact on our state of awareness that failing to follow that gut feeling at such moments is to follow a less-than-desired course of experience.

Once in a while, highly developed souls incarnate with a better-connected umbilical cord to the spirit world to act for us as examples of purposeful living. Jesus, Buddha, Mozart, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and latterly, Mother Teresa, to name a few. Their primary aim was not to foster religious movements or followings but to show, by example, that in establishing a connection with the invisible universe — that is, living a life aware of balance between physical and spiritual needs— they were able to go about their earthly business in a manner which served a purpose conceived ahead of linear time. In other words, they demonstrated the power of living purposefully, of living the dream awake. And yes, some went as far as to show us how to create miracles, just to demonstrate the power of our often neglected human intent.

Essentially they were following precisely the aim taught in all esoteric traditions, from the Egyptian Mysteries schools to the original principles behind Islam, even Freemasonry.

The general human response to such gifts has been crucifixion, in one form or another. I recall when Mother Teresa crossed over a decade ago, the world was so consumed with the death in England of Princess Diana that the following day hardly anyone read Teresa’s obituaries, buried deep inside daily newspapers, somewhere on page 9. All this does not signify that humans are inherently evil or sadistic, but quite the contrary: they have become mostly forgetful and, consequently, fearful. And when they do so the tendency is to over-associate with the physical world and, thus, lose the plot.

Back in Neolithic times the plot could be rediscovered by taking your body and mind for a stroll down to a local sacred site. We have a living legacy all around the world of incredible places built to withstand everything that life and politics would throw at them: pyramids, stone circles, standing stones, megalithic temples and so forth. It has been successfully proved that at such locations across the Earth, the laws of physics are subtly altered. And no wonder, for they were built to do precisely that.

A typical sacred site lies at the crossroads of streams of magnetic energy. Correctly harnessed, magnetism stimulates the iron in the blood as well as the magnetite that lies suspended inside the human skull; it also stimulates the pineal gland causing a chemical reaction in the brain that stimulates altered states of awareness. This process is aided by the specially chosen stones of sacred sites— including Gothic cathedrals— which carry a high degree of magnetite, and silica, the kind of crystalline structure that is found in human bone. The process of sensory stimulation is further amplified by the sonic structure of temples, not to mention the sacred geometry that binds their elements which create harmonics that work in tandem with the geometry of cell structure found in human DNA.

In other words, at such locations, one is able to be released from the bond of the physical world, beyond the grasp of gravity, to reconnect with the world of spirit, the world of the gods. Such a momentary event was enough for a person to return with some hint or clarification of their life purpose, even universal knowledge, provided by those across the veil, sitting, watching our entire drama unfold more or less in accordance with a pre-designed purpose, with some allowance for free will.

The system worked so well for thousands of years that when the Roman Catholic church manifested in Rome, their prime aim was to eradicate all traces of this pagan tradition (pagan meaning ‘one who lives in the country’), all the while usurping and re-naming many of its practices. Indeed Roman Catholicism is the one religion which has historically sought to act as a middleman between the spirit world and ourselves, while decrying as evil our natural right to do so ourselves; I would go as far as to say this religion, once the clerical arm of one of the most controlling empires ever witnessed on Earth, has exacerbated the present state of disconnection from spirit in humanity. There is ample historical evidence for this, in the systematic destruction of sacred sites and the atrocities committed around the world right into the Victorian era, all in the name of “the one true faith”. Rather ironic that the root of ‘religion’— religio— means ‘to reconnect’.

As if a sign that this reconnecting is not happening for millions of souls around the world, church attendance at the start of the 21st century is at its lowest ebb; in Europe alone, scores of churches have been resurrected into condos and private houses; coincidentally, interest in the sites of our ancestors is going up. But is this sudden resurgence in our sacred past a part of recovering from our collective amnesia? And is it happening fast enough?

I believe the answer is yes, and no, and for one fundamental reason: our soul is striving to reconnect because we instinctively feel that one possible, alternative future is in danger of becoming a reality. And it is one that least accommodates our need as a collective to grow into a new experience.

In life, there are several roads we can go by. That is the fundamental right of free will. But when we begin to see the manifestation of a future based on fear, self interest and environmental ecoside, I believe at that moment a safety valve blows in our collective soul amnesia which propels us to take affirmative action. And the triggers for this are the undeniable volumes of unusual phenomena at this moment in our evolution.

Orbs, entities, UFOs and the such have blossomed during the latter part of the 20th century, and necessarily in rapport with the rise in population or the increase in electronic gadgets with which to capture such events; even the numbers of people with developed psychic ability is on the increase. These events have a pronounced affect on our consciousness, our spirituality if you like. It is as if the spirit world is realizing the effect modern life (by which I mean the past 2000 years) is placing on incarnated souls. They understand that the ability to reconnect with the spirit world for guidance and clarity is lessened to its lowest degree in living memory. The gap between seen and unseen is expanding. Thus, the state of amnesia which has up to now served as a useful shield used between the spirit and this experienctial world is no longer purposeful. In fact, it has become somewhat of a detriment in the journey of souls. So, in order to help us remember, new means must be employed to help us remember the plot.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, I will show wonders in the heavens above, and signs in the Earth beneath,” so God is claimed to have said, as quoted in the biblical text The Acts of the Apostles. What the last days refer to is open to interpretation. However, aerial appearances of comets throughout the last forty years, and major discoveries through Hubble Space telescope and the plethora of space craft launched into the nether regions of the galaxy have no doubt broadened our view and appreciation of the Universe. Meanwhile, back in ‘the Earth beneath’, a major phenomenon has been manifesting.

Some 10,000 crop circles have been reported in modern times. Most have been simple circles and shapes, some have been complex in geometry and structure. But what is certain is that 29 countries have reported them, and despite the normal, and carefully planned, debunking throughout the cynical modern media, their positive effect has been indelibly imprinted on people’s psyche. It has spurred an interest in people in matters of faith and self-discovery, in esotericism, even the meaning of life itself. I have witnessed skeptics turn into believers, I have seen sensible people dismantle perfectly rational, sensible lives to follow uncertain paths in the education and awakening of human awareness and the purpose of the soul on Earth. For better or worse, I am one of them.

Crop circles are in themselves not a new phenomenon. There is written evidence of their manifestation— with diagrams, no less— in England in 1680. In fact, over 200 cases exist of crop circles appearing throughout Europe and North America since the 1900s, some from witnesses such as police and farmers. According to the oral traditions of native tribes from the north American Plains they may have been appearing over the course of a thousand years. In South Africa they are described as ‘the great circles of the Gods’, and sacred rituals are performed honouring the “star gods and the Earth Mother”. Their appearance has been cause for celebrations lasting several days, which are accompanied by prayers to the gods to watch over the people and talk to them “through the sacred sites”.

Through the sacred sites !? It seems, then, that the spirit world’s connection with the human soul is alive and well at those places of veneration. As indeed it should be, since those terrestrial antennas are still, by and large, in full operating mode.

The mechanics at work in sacred sites are no different to those in crop circles, and the effects on people are identical. From my own research I have concluded that a portion of the crop circles are meant for the Earth’s own energy systems— geometric shapes mirroring those already hard-wired into this ecosystems’ own genetic memory, serving to amplify and stabilize the environment, mostly for the benefit of that often pesky species, the human. Part of this evidence comes from eyewitness accounts of a tube of light descending onto the land, rotating the plants without making them fall down and then, the following day, the crop circle appears. This suggests there is an imprinting of information and the Earth fires back the pattern as confirmation. Scientific evidence also shows that a fluid system releases energy when flowing in clockwise motion, yet adds energy when rotating anti-clockwise; the way the plants in crop circles are spiraled in both such directions serves to demonstrate that energy is either coming in or flowing out. But what concerns us here are those crop circles witnessed by some eighty people around the world manifesting right in front of their eyes, typically within fifteen seconds, for these serve an altogether different purpose.

Like all ancient sacred sites, all genuine crop circles appear at the crossroads of invisible streams of magnetic energy. Since we already know what happens to people when they interact with magnetism at sacred sites it should come as no surprise that hundreds of people have reported altered states of awareness when in contact with crop circles. What is interesting is that many were skeptics, and some have had the experience just from looking at a photograph; there have also been hundreds of cases of healings.

In this, crop circles behave just like standing stones and other oracles, except they work with cereal crop instead of rocks. But if you bend down and look at the affected plants you will find the roots have been bent at approximately 90 degrees counter to the normal point of gravity. Roots are geotropic by nature, they should point to the center of the Earth, and yet in crop circles they can be almost horizontal. This suggests that the local gravitational field has been influenced in some way. When you consider that one of the purposes of gravity is not just to bind together molecules, but also to make sure the soul remains bound to the physical vessel it chose to enter, the implications are staggering. Imagine, these new temples— these signs— appearing upon the face of the Earth, helping the human soul to reconnect with its parent body, at a time when we seem most disconnected.

We haven’t even begun to look at the actual symbols themselves. Our ancestral cultures were, without a doubt, far more engaged in intimate dialogue with the spirit world, and their stories and experiences are memorialized in symbols etched in stones all around the world, including Aboriginal lands. Many of the symbols are archetypal patterns, and many are found at locations already associated with dreaming or altered states of awareness. Whenever native cultures are exposed to the crop circle symbols they react with great joy, for they recognize the designs as their own— gifts from, and expressions of, the gods and other beings from across the veil.

In watching people’s reactions to the crop circles symbols I’ve often described them as works by a master hypnotist, but working in reverse: not to subvert your consciousness under the influence of suggestion, but to bring you out of amnesia. Because these symbols are helping people remember their purpose in life. They guide them to the bigger picture and, to a degree, lessen the stranglehold of material forces upon the soul.

From my observation, the crop circle symbols that most strike an awakening chord inside us are based on pentagrams and hexagons, either overtly or veiled within an otherwise abstract shape. I mulled this over for years, while gazing at precisely the same geometries when sitting in old churches and cathedrals, discovering exactly the same patterns in their arches, windows and adornments. Even when looking at the Earth— even human DNA.

For organic life to appear on a planet, a certain harmonic must be employed in its construction. This harmonic is the ratio 6:5, and on Earth this is reflected in the circumference at the Equator (21,600 nautical miles) relative to the processional cycle (approx. 25,800 years). That ratio is 6:5, and it is geometrically expressed by the hexagon and the pentagon. As the Egyptians taught us, everything as above is reflected so below, therefore this ratio should exist in humans, one of the physical products of the Earth. If one observes the crystalline structure of human DNA, the very core of our physical fabric is indeed composed of alternating hexagonal and pentagonal-shaped crystals.

There is one more piece of evidence that links crop circles, sacred sites and human DNA, and that is the strategic angle of alignment between places of invocation and our genetic core. While I was researching the possible strategic placement of crop circles across the land, I stumbled upon an angle the Circlemakers kept using again and again. This angle, 32.72 degrees, also appears to link many sacred sites throughout southern Britain one to another— coincidentally where 80% of crop circles appear. When I researched this in relationship to human DNA I discovered that the angle of the spiral in aDNA lies precisely 32.72 degrees. Although this is a project I am currently working on, it is sufficient to remark that someone in higher places is intent on awakening the human soul through these special places on Earth. As I mentioned earlier, I believe the spirit world is aware that the human soul and its amnesia is facing an uphill struggle to maintain its balance due to the overwhelming association with material forces. And what better way to get our attention than by creating mysterious shapes in fields which speak directly to our genetic code?

No wonder these euphonious messages from the gods are influencing people at such a fundamental level. Geometry, being the ultimate systems language, is a sure way to get our attention, for it speaks directly to the heart while circumnavigating that often austere analytical barrier, the brain.

So, are crop circles messages from the future, manifesting at this juncture to assist the progress of the soul? The answer is yes. And no. Since many of their designs can be found literally etched in stone throughout ancestral sites, they are also messages from the past. Yet the world of spirit works not in linear time but in the round, and all events and processes are occurring in real time, so perhaps they are messages from all time, for all time. Paradoxically, in our reality they are of now, and should we fail to follow our gut instinct when we react to them, we stand to hide from their intended purpose— religio, to reconnect the human soul with its home and redirect our lost course.

I often ponder on how we will make of our time here, the first time in history when six billion souls have incarnated, and which of possible courses we shall choose for our future. We are being provided with extraordinary tools and, in the end, how we choose to use them will determine the outcome.

In all such things, the choice is ours.

© Freddy Silva 2008

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Thank you so much. Everything you said was feasible and made so much sense to me. Incident:
I was driving from Wales to Somerset when I spotted a Crop Circle in a field. I must say I was a little scared, but I had this tremendous urge to stop the car, which I did, and walked through the field to the centre of the circle. I was quite terrified as I was on my own, but just felt it was something I had to do. I have always been interested in the paranormal, and intrigued with Crop Circles.
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