Truly Amazing UFO Sightings at ECETI Ranch !

James Gilliland from the ECETI group has been sharing with the world, his wonderful experiences with these other worldy intelligences we sometimes call Aliens or Extraterrestrials, and often consider them as figments of our fertile imagination or aberrations from faulty equipment.

Well, the truth is that we see what we believe in ... and that's how realities are created ... our collective consciousness is at a stage when we are given a glimpse of our possible future, just to see how prepared we are as we move toward the dawn of a new civilization. In a way it is us, travelling back in time to give ourselves a glimpse into our possible future ... to awaken humanity to the big cosmic picture :)

Some of the most amazing UFO sightings have been filmed at the Sattva Sanctuary / ECETI Ranch which continue to baffle skeptics and fill our hearts with love and adoration for our cosmic brethren who are here to help us create the 5D grid around Planet Earth. The message they bring us is to let go off the past and open our hearts in love for all life. James Gilliland's life journey is an amazing experience you can discover more about in this documentary film titled, "Contact Has Begun" ...

The time now is to speak our truth, be the love and shine the light we truly are ....

~ Namaste ~ _/\_ ~

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