Danny Dyer : I Believe in UFOs : A BBC 3 Documentary

"I Believe in UFOs" is a recently aired BBC Documentary presented by Danny Dyer who goes on a quest investigating Aliens, UFOs, Crop Circles and other ultra dimensional magical light phenomena experienced and observed by many all around the world.

Danny talks to prominent researchers, UFO enthusiasts and others who believe having experienced something unknown & mysterious, possibly of Extraterrestrial origin.

The tone of this documentary is pretty balanced with people interviewed sharing all perspectives of believing, knowing and those of skeptical inquiry into the UFO / Alien / Crop Circle phenomena ! The documentary features some awe inspiring footage of some amazing Crop Circles of 2009 ... At James Gilliland's ECETI ranch Danny seemed a bit distraught after the spiritual session as the judgmental ego came to the fore as it was encountering something new ... something expansive taking one beyond the limits of the ego ...

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