Crop Circle Season 2009 Part 5 : August

The first crop circle ('A Square within a Square') of August appeared at Morgans Hill, near Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire today on the 2nd of August 2009 !

A well woven formation with intricately detailed sacred art in perfect symmetry ... The pattern seems to bear signs of Mayan symbolism of the Sun and the Stars, namely Lamat or Venus as we know it right at the center of the formation !

Lamat, The Mayan Star

This step is basically about learning to love. You develop a tolerance and a compassion for yourself and others. The ability to love yourself is very important in attaining wisdom, and it is perfected here. You begin to feel a profound sense of your own value and a love for yourself exactly as you are. You evolve this self-love into a deep love for humanity and a love and caring for the planet Earth. Meditating with this glyph will help you remember and hold the vibration for unconditional love. The solar glyph painting Lamat portrays with colors our coming forth into being from love when we awake, creating our bodies out of light, then our return back to love, which we all do each time we fall asleep. Lamat is the symbolic portrayal that love is what we are.

Tzolkin Trecena Notes – 1 Lamat (Rabbit/Venus)

Day 248 of the 260 Day Tzolkin
Last Trecena of the 260 Day Tzolkin
Gregorian Date: December 10, 2008

Trecenas are thirteen-day periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with a different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying energy is governed by the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware of the predominant energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with that energy and allow our goals to manifest.

This Trecena starts with 1 Lamat (Rabbit/Venus) – Abundant, Energetic, Artistic, Playful, Humorous, Clever, Balancing Physical Pleasures and Spiritual Divinity.

The Maya word “Lamat” is associated with abundance, ripeness, fertility and growth. The glyph itself is the Mayan symbol for the planet Venus. The Maya linked the cycle of the planet Venus with death and rebirth (Venus appears as the Evening Star, disappears, then reappears as the Morning Star), and with the spirit of growth and vitality.


I am Lamat, the way shower.
I expand the seeds of your consciousness
beyond previous boundaries.
I am ignition, spiraling starburst,
golden star trail of the harmonics
of perceptual star interlace.
I am a springboard propulsion
into glorious spark-filled flight.
My star-trail beckons you leave behind
the parameters of the past,
leaping into unpatterned potential.
I am flowing images of all times present,
forms rearranging,
consciousness bursting bonds of old refrains.
There you will eagerly taste
deliciously liberating star harmonies,
unspeakably beautiful celestial sounds
provided simply by your willingness to go beyond.
Do you hesitate?
To what are you anchored?
In an instant,
everything is unfamiliar, changed.

Offer up your tethers,
Be bathed in the new frequencies
that sweep across your being like waves of rapturous bliss!
Let previous perceptions dissipate.
You are becoming kaleidoscopic resonant sparks,
releasing inchoate yet already realized patterns
into the starscape!
Soar beyond, blaze shimmering trails into the unknown.
Your known image is breathlessly dispersed
as a freed starseed.
Exploring your vast luminosity, beyond cognition,
expand every known parameter
of who you know yourself to be,
until apparent boundaries
burst into incandescent sparks of divinity,
dancing in rapture on the tapestry of the Infinite.

Slowly your energies pulsate into a new nucleus,
yet unanchored in gravitation's grasp.
Beyond previous boundaries,
a shinning new center emerges
from my shimmering starburst veil,
blazing like luminous mandala in your countenance.
Following ever further
the scintillating allure of my star dance,
hypnotic will you find the beauty
of my golden starbursts.
If you choose to follow this star-trail,
you will discover
that you are the player and the played
in the cosmic composition of harmony!

Another Magically Inscribed Julia Set Crop Circle was reported at Silbury Hill (2), Near Avebury, Wiltshire on the 3rd of August 2009 ! The weaved pattern and the twirls within certain parts of the formation are quite exquisite much like the weaved pattern seen in the Crop Circle at Alton Barnes Wiltshire that appeared on the 14th of July 2009 !

Another Brilliant Julia Set Crop Circle appeared at Rollright Stone Circle, near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire on the 3rd of August 2009 !

The formation looks like an infinity loop :)

Here is a picture clicked at a rooftop party at "Molson's" in Secunderabad, India with lots of Orbs .. Light beings all around us ...

( Right Click and open in a new tab )

The zoomed in shot of the Orb right above, at the center of the frame ... looks like an infinity loop or a heart inside the orb ... synchronicity and the magic of meaningful coincidence ... :)

Crop Circle at Yatesbury Hill, near Aerodrome, Wiltshire ... Reported on the 6th of August 2009. Crop Circle appeared at Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire on the 6th of August 2009. Crop Circle Formation At West Overton, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported on the 9th of August 2009 ! The Cube Crop Circle Formation Bishop Sutton, near New Alresford, Hampshire. Reported 9th August 2009 ! An 'Owl' Crop Circle Formation at Woodborough Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported on the 10th of August 2009 ! A Beautiful Crop Circle Formation appeared at Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow (2), near Odstone Hill, Oxfordshire on the 12th of August 2009 ! The number 12 is significant to this formation as you would've noticed the inner and outer circles. It has prominent Mayan symbolism also seen in some of the previous crop circles this season and the seasons before. The formation is huge, as you can see in one of the images above, there is a man standing inside the formation which gives us an idea as to how massively magical this formation really is ... Crop Circle formation appeared at Tidcombe, near Burbage, Wiltshire on the 16th of August 2009 ! Crop Circle Formation in "A~Maize" Field at Knighton Hill, near Wayland Smithy, Oxfordshire. Reported on the 29th of August 2009 ! (((*))) This post will be updated with the latest crop circles in the month of August 2009, as soon as we find out ...


Interpretations are welcome ...

☼ ((( Love & Light ))) ☼

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Ren said...

In May of this year there appeared 2 crop circles in Wiltshire which when I looked at them immediately told me they were marking a specific date in time. (7 more moons from May to the appearance of a winged disk) So by that reckoning, sometime in December 2010.

I looked for other crop circles to get hints and I found this site with the one for August 2nd 2009 posted here along with your references to Lamat.

Interestingly, the 8 or the double square symbolizes Venus because of its strange orbit cycle of 8. "We are in the midst of the first Venus Transit of this millennium. The Venus Transit presently upon us comes in a pair, with each transit in the pair spaced eight years apart. There will be one transit on June 8, 2004 and one on June 6, 2012.

This is a rare once in a life time event. In one 243-year Venus Transit cycle there are two pair spaced 121.5 ±8 years apart. The last Venus Transit (pair) occurred 129.5 years ago in 1874 and 1882. The next pair will occur 113.5 years from this one, in 2117 and 2125"(*)

And of course Venus' orbit takes it in a pentacle shaped movement in its rotation around the sun.

Venus is also symbolized as the winged disk. Or flying orbs if you will. And further I found that Lamat or Rabbit (star) day in December 2010 appears the day before Solstice on Dec 20th, 2010 and the full moon appears at midnight on the west coast of the USA around that time on the 20th. Any ideas on what Venus will be doing that day? Perhaps we should be watching the skies and dwelling in love that day all day long. And upon further searching it seems we're not the only ones who have made the Venus association. See link below.

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