The Lion People : Feline Humanoid ET Race

Couple of years back while I was talking to a friend about UFOs, something came up in the course of our conversation which instantly rang true with me. He first asked me if i knew the Earth is Hollow and that most of the UFOs come from inside the Earth.

He went on to mention that the Felines on our planet are originally from another Star System, as in they are of Extraterrestrial origin. Though i did go on to further research what I'd just learned about the Feline Extraterrestrials, something instantly told me it was true, can't explain ...

Here is what I could collect googling for Feline ETs or the Lion People as referred to by the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn.

Magenta Pixie channels information about the Lion People ...

Here is a channeling from the Feline ETs through Paul Richard Atlinson ...

Hello dear family ...

We, the Lion People (Lyran Feline origin) wish to introduce ourselves. We have waited patiently watching and observing the Ascension Process here on your beautiful planet Earth, as you call it. Now at this critical juncture of the evolution process, currently being experienced globally, the Lion People have been delegated the role by the various stellar nations and councils to assist humanity by further empowering you, offering love, solace, compassion, strength and courage with regards to the coming days. First let us offer a bit of information and personal insight into exactly who we are, as channeled via Paul Richard Atkinson:-

My most notable feline incarnations took place in the constellations of Lyra, Sirius, and the Pleiades. Indeed, my first life in this universe was as a lion woman. I have vivid recollections of the Lyran home world. It was a planet of pink grass, purple skies and a vast blue sun. The buildings were mostly domed shaped and there were many crystal cities. Also, there were butterflies as big as vultures, and they were rainbow colored. Such a planet was, however, destroyed in a brutal galactic war

My Sirian incarnation was on a planet with two suns, one blue and one yellow. The grass was both purple and blue and the sky a combination of green and pink. I was a lion woman in that life and I was a Galactic Federation teacher who taught reptilian and lion children.

One of my feline incarnations in the Pleiades was as a lion man Prince and I was born on a spaceship. I had to travel the universe and act as a diplomat, for I was a Federation member once again and I had many encounters with reptilian Draconian Empire members. Oh, yes, and under regression, I uncovered that I was a hybrid on one planet in the Pleiades. I was half lion and half lizard, due to a lizard man and a lion woman intermixing. And I even travelled to Earth in Egyptian times in one of my lion man incarnations.

There are many feline humanoids in the universe, however, the most popular and original genetic strain of feline humanoids were the lion people. The lion people generally were sandy in colour and mainly had golden or red hair coupled with blue or orange eyes. Other feline humanoids are variations of the lion people. The lion people are exceptionally benevolent beings, highly intelligent and creative. They are also immensely strong. They can be great galactic warriors when they have to be, and the only battles they fight is to either protect themselves or other beings in the universe.

There are tiger people, panther people, cheetah people, leopard people, lynx people, and exotic cat people which resemble nothing on Earth. An example of this is a strain of feline humanoids which have cat features but which possess triangular markings and are blue in colour.

The cat people, originally arrived from another universe with a group of bird people. And the two races went on to create other races in this universe. Most notably the feline people created humans in the constellation of Lyra, some eight million years ago, and the bird people had created reptilian humanoids many millions of years earlier, as I chronicle in my Reptilian/Human Galactic History and Current Situation article.

Now then, forgive my brief digression. The lion people, (and when I say lion people, I include all strains of feline humanoids, who are variations of the lion people,) eventually settled in Sirius after a brutal galactic war with reptilian humanoids and bird humanoids which resulted in the devastation of the humans home planets in Lyra. Though, during their galactic travels the lion people had colonised other worlds most notably in the Pleiades.

The lion people eventually colonised a planet that orbited the great Sirius A star in the constellation of Canis Major. On this heavenly planet of transcendental magnificence - the felines delightfully and tranquilly basked in the picturesque glory of their divine planet. Their society was a world of peace, benevolence, and understanding for their fellow beings. There was no wars, sickness, disease, perversion, greed, avarice or any of the hideous darkness which is often found on Earth. The lion people, who sought to share their divinity with others, helped to form various Galactic Unions and Councils variousfour and a half million years ago.

Being the good-hearted felines that they are, they did not want to horde their Godly way of living to their one planet, as I said their desire to share their benignity and benevolence with others, resulted in them doing just that. And, so, many lion people eventually travelled to Earth, approximately one million years ago. And, during such a time, Earth had been invaded by reptilians from the Draconian Empire. A war ensued between the felines and the reptilians once again. The reptilians were driven underground. However, many humans had willingly turned to the dark and had brought about their own destruction hence the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis, some thirteen thousand years ago. As the humans had generally brought such darkness upon themselves, they had to collectively experience the karmic ramifications of their own darkness as they have for the last thirteen thousand years. Despite this, however, the lion people still worked with Earthlings who sought to better themselves both spiritually and physically, as did galactic humans who were closer comrades of the lion people.

The evidence for the lion people can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and statues and stories of Egyptian Gods and Goddess`. Some notable examples of this are the great feline humanoid goddess; Baset and her lion son God; Mihos. Other Egyptian examples of lion people Gods and Goddess` are Sekhmet, Wadjet, Sekhmet and Tefnut. Furthermore, the evidence can be found with modern day experiences too.

In this section of the article, I would like to acquaint the reader with a brief overview of the overwhelmingly substantiating evidence for the existence of the lion people in channelled books. I say evidence, obviously in the sense of confirmation.

The first channelled book to mention the lion people was of course; The Lion People, authored and channelled by Murry Hope. In such a book the channeler receives messages from a race of lion people. One will quote from a passage based upon the lion people themselves delivered by a lion man called Kaini.

“Once upon a time there was, still is, and will be for eons, a solar system that you in you’re inner time have named Sirius, after its major visible star. Over vast periods on inner time there have been changes in both the stars and planets in this binary system. But my tale concerns one particular era when a race of beings dwelled on one small planet.

“As you see this system at present there are two suns, one small and one large, but this was not always so. There was a time when the smaller star was a yellow sun, not unlike your own luminary, and it was this star-sun that was orbited by the planet which are species developed. In this cool, well irrigated and highly verdant land there evolved a race of beings whom, for want of a better name, we shall call


“Our days and nights, however, were very different from yours. We had periods, call them “days” if you like, that were moderately light and bright, depending on the position of the second star-sun before it collapsed. There were other very bright days indeed during the light of the blue-white star-sun when we were often unable to leave our homes, and also periods of great darkness when everything withdrew into a long sleep or hibernation.

“I am from a tribe or group known as the Karidel. There were four basic tribes or races on my old planet, each having its own specific role or duty. As we all understood the principles of archetypical expression and the coming and going of the psyche or essence-fragment there were no bad relations or feelings of resentment between the races. The Karidel were rulers and philosophers, the Orotheta were warriors and protectors, the Paetri were creative artists, artisans and skilled workers, and the Eata were the general folk who fitted in anywhere and who were very, very strong physically.

“Our race evolved from a specific cosmic impulse which produces a specific evolutionary strain or genotype. This primary impulse formulated the genetic code that shaped us in the species that we ultimately became. For your visualisation, the nearest description would be a feline genus appearing as a cross between one of your domestic cat and the lion family, but are features are more refined. Our jaws are less elongated and are ears less rounded than your lions. We stand erect on two legs as tall or taller than yourselves, our bodies having been adapted to this posture over a long period of time. The males of are species are manned, but not our females. Our paws have also evolved to a more useful shape over long periods of adaptation. In answer to the question I see forming in your mind, yes we do have tails.

“We were distinguishable by our colour and eyes. My tribe were brownish or fawn in colour with bright blue eyes. The warriors were orange-eyed and sandy in hue, like your lions or marmalade casts. The artists were pale, white or greyish, and green or turquoise-eyed, while the strong folk were a mixture of all shades, and often striped. When we first started our course of evolution we were fur covered, but later we clothed ourselves for decoration rather than modesty.

Our planet was very sparsely inhabited, only certain parts of it being warm enough to live in. One of these belts of vegetation was quite lush, while the other was similar in parts to the temperature of Northern Europe. Our bodies had evolved to accommodate the temperatures encountered on our native planet, so we managed well.”

The lion man goes on to explain that the lion people were great friends with another race of beings who lived on another planet as the lion people`s solar system. They were a race of crystallised humanoids, who came from a planet called Ishna. Eventually, the lion people migrated to the crystal people`s planet after there were problems caused from one of the suns on the lion people`s home world. There were changes in the atmosphere which affected the vocal cords of the lion people. Such changes caused the lion people to be more telepathic. The lion people are, according to the lion man just quoted from; immensely strong beings capable of bending even steel! And, they are well-grounded and creative. The crystal beings are very scientific, intellectual beings and also creative. It was also stated that the lion people do not consume meat, and that there were mobile plants on their planet, as well as wise trees. And, the soil was apparently green. Here is a description based upon other beings in the universe delivered by the same lion man:

“There are indeed those who look in from other time-zones, some out of mild curiosity; others, like ourselves are anxious to be of assistance; and a few are of less kindly intent. We do not have close communications with all of these intelligences, but we do know the dolphin people and the lizard people from the Capella/Auriga region, among others.

“Like ourselves, the latter also visited your planet thousands of years ago, even before we did, but their efforts to help the species existing there in those times failed, which greatly distressed them. The evolutionary pattern was corrected with passing of the saurians, however. These people are benign and gentle beings but because their evolutionary type is so far removed from your own they could appear frightening to your peoples. Now the crystal people are very beautiful by your standards of beauty and would not, were you to meet them, present a fearful picture.

“I can hear you asking:”What about Paschats? When the time comes for our time zones to intermingle, those who are around then will meet a fine looking, handsome bunch of felines, with a special sense of humour that is peculiar to our own kind! It is not a cruel humour that brings smiles at the expense of another`s tears, however. Anyone who likes felines will like Paschats. I think you would consider us cuddly by your standards.”

The sequel to the lion people was entitled the Paschats and the Crystal People, and was authored by Murry Hope once again. One shall quote from a relevant passage. The deliverer of the following information is a lion woman called Mikili, who delivers a friendly lecture on human “civilisation.”:

“We have viewed your media material as shown in many parts of your world and would say without doubt that the accent is more on chaos than on order. In fact, we would suggest that there is a glorification of all things chaotic, which has an adverse influence on immature essence-fragments in particular, but also affects those who are on the verge of taking their leave of the fields of cosmic childhood. In case you are not aware of it, your media actually programmes you by dictating the “norm” or what those in control of the systems feel should be standard behaviour.

Therefore, those essence-fragments that are ready to raise to the next stage in their cosmic development feel obliged to stay at the lower frequency for fear of being thought odd or different. It is no use my picking on any particular moral or ethic as I am not of your species anyway, nor have my own people ever been part of an evolutionary stream that is sick.

“The glorification of vice, deviations of all kind, violence, cruel competition, the degrading of your females and many, many more attitudes and practices that would not form part of your “norm” were your species and the planet as a whole on its current evolutionary path, are symptomatic of the malaise which blinds you to the light of cosmic truth. I would not waste my channel`s time outlining the way you would all feel were you cured of your sickness; I fear it would be dismissed as “boring” , “no fun at all” and “not natural”. I regret to say that compared with the behaviour of hominoids of similar evolutionary status in other parts of the universe it is you who are “unnatural”, since you delight in abusing natural cosmic laws.”

The next feline humanoid who one shall quote from is a cat woman from Sirius A who works on a zoo ship for endangered animals in the universe. She is called Tashaba and she mentions the prospect of Earthlings mingling with extraterrestrials and the changing of human genetics. The book quoted from is entitled, Songs of the Arcturians, authored by Patricia Periera:

“If you closely monitor the skies for signs of increasing starship activity, you will be exceedingly gratified. Earth herself glimmers ever so much brighter now that the melodious tones of her pulsating energies are beginning to adjust to the more delicate vibrato of the sweeter celestial hums.

“I purr in my realization of That Which Is Absolute. I, note, too a dawning future and visualize the people coming upon the starships. I am able to clearly see that there will come a time when we will welcome you among us. By the loving touch that is, I do embrace the universe of my birth. By the sparking lights of the galaxy that is my home do I send my delight forth as a gift to you.

“DNA patterns basic to all planetary life are really third dimensional- projections of fourth-dimensional ethereally aligned light. As a physical being, your primary tendency is to view yourself as something that can be seen, felt, and heard a specialized assortment of bone, snew, and the like. Nevertheless, the basic ingredient from which you are formed is essence of Soul. You are a spiritual being temporarily residing in a physical body maintained by an astral body, an emotional body a casual body, a mental body, and a succession of continuously refining elements quite beyond our ability to adequately describe. DNA helix strand are the “glue” that attaches your physical body`s cells to your light energies, or spiritual substance.

“Your physical body is patterned on a reflection of your spirit body; does it not stand to reason that your human body was fashioned upon structures of light?

“If you can view yourself in this manner, you will understand that alternative DNA is not a weird or mysterious happening but simply an initial step to prepare you to ascend into resonations of refined light.

“The miraculous feat of providing a spiritual being with a material body is accomplished by “downloading” etheric DNA graphics into a sort of third-dimensional holographic printout. To aid in understanding the dynamics of this unique process, simply imagine an extraterrestrial humanoid figure shaped from light. When this image is clearly defined, surround your creation with a physical body. Behold! You have created a human being!

“Many multidimensional telepaths have received the following information: In preparation for ascension, the human body will be provided with an additional twelve or thirteen DNA strands. The expanding number of physical strands marks the beginning phase of your physical merger into contours of light. The third strand will provide you with the Christ Essence- a cosmic indicator that, as Soul, will give you the ability to ascend into matter at will and to reascend as spiritual light. This strand is a multidimensional ladder you will use to limb up and out of your physical body, enter and pass through your astral body, and exit into the realms where you will permanently integrate your light or spiritual body.”

The writer of this article will now quote from a marvellous, but rare book entitled Alcheringa, authored by Valerie. J. Barrow. The book is based upon numerous hypnotic regressions and the subjects of the regressions were souls that had participated in Earthly events approximately one million years ago. Interestingly, it is said the the lion people travelled to Earth with crystal people and that they came from a planet called Ishna! Fantastic confirmation of Murry Hope`s channellings:

“The cat people. I was in charge of the mission, I should know. We came here to sort out those reptoids (the naughty ones,).

“Most of the time they think they are right. They are like lions, they have a huge lion energy. These half man and half animal bipeds come from different planets. God`s creatures, generally speaking, start out pure as babies do. Then they become corrupt as they develop.

“We, on the other hand, are devoid of all evil. So, if there is a problem in the galaxy, we go in and sort them out. Cosmic cops, that`s what we are, we are the governors of space. In fact, we are the kings of space.”

The next book I shall quote from is called Jason, my Indigo Child, and is authored by Ann Andrews. Apparently, a lion man spoke to her through another human`s body:

“It was a being, well over six foot tall, dressed in loose-fitting clothing. I had time to notice a large gold-coloured buckle within the clothing. He was a very strong, powerful being, and his face was lionesque in its features. It was pale gold in colour with a wide but flat nose and prominent nostrils. His mouth was small but otherwise ordinary, and he had a great shock of bright golden hair - a lion`s mane falling in an unruly mess over his massive shoulders. His eyes couldn’t be seen - he kept them focused towards the floor the whole time.

“Eleanor had closed her eyes again, and I then realized that the words were being spoken by him, but they were coming from her mouth. He had a wonderful way of speaking, very deep, but soft and calming, and I wanted to hear what he had to say. He began by explaining to me that he is indeed a warrior - immensely powerful and always successful in his many battles. He said that all of his race were galactic warriors and that they were dispersed throughout the universe to act as peacekeepers wherever they were sent. He likened his role to our own United Nations Peacekeeping Corps stressing that they preferred solutions, but they were more than able to step in and defend themselves and their charges at any time if they had to. He informed me that they had been around a while - even assisting with the building of great monuments on our planet in our dim and distant past. I asked him where he was from, and he asked me why it was important for me to know that. I answered that I was curious, but he told me that his “place of origin” was far beyond my primitive comprehension. I remember that I felt rather stupid when he told me that I should be more interested in why he had come, rather than where he was from.”

The lion man went on to explain that he came from a hot planet with three suns. The light that came from his eyes was so bright that apparently it could damage some people`s eyes. It was also stated that benevolent extraterrestrials were ensuring that indigos, or alien incarnations were receiving fruitful help to proceed with their missions.

To digress from the channelled information, one shall mention a few physical encounters with lion people. The first one of which transpires in ancient Egypt. Such an encounter was recalled via spiritual sessions. Denise Le Fay, apparently interacted with numerous cat humanoids in a previous life in ancient Egypt:

"As we Starseeds stood there staring at them we each began being effected by the high pure energies they emitted. It was like we were getting high on catnip! We all started shuffling around giggling quietly and grinning like fools. The 3 Starbeings kept glancing over their shoulders at us and frowning at us which meant, “Remember what we told you earlier about how to behave around Them?” But it was hopeless, we were already intoxicated by the magnificent feline Elders and the three of them knew we’d be affected exactly like that.

"As we Starseeds stood there staring at them we each began being effected by the high pure energies they emitted. It was like we were getting high on catnip! We all started shuffling around giggling quietly and grinning like fools. The 3 Starbeings kept glancing over their shoulders at us and frowning at us which meant, “Remember what we told you earlier about how to behave around Them?” But it was hopeless, we were already intoxicated by the magnificent feline Elders and the three of them knew we’d be affected exactly like that.

"After a few moments of the three Starbeings talking with the Elder Lion beings they told us we could slowly and quietly come closer to them. We all shuffled forward like we were six years old, giggling, shy, but falling in love with them more and more each minute. The Lion beings looked down on us with such profound love and gentleness it was almost too much for one’s heart to endure. They were our ancient beloved great, great, grandparents from Sirius and we Starseeds fell deeply in love with each of them that day.

"These giant Lion Beings from Sirius opened their arms to us Starseeds and we all fell into them and almost melted. We fawned, we petted, we cried, we attached ourselves to each of them. I wrapped my arms around the one front male Elder and buried my face in his fur and never wanted to let go. My head only came up to just above his belly, they were that tall compared to us. They emitted nothing but the purest and highest LOVE I’d ever experienced and it was intoxicating being within their space, within their presence. The three Starbeings stepped back and let us have our rare moment of bliss with the Elder Lion beings. They looked on like the loving but stern parents they were to all of us young Starseeds.

"We talked softly with the Lion Elders and they with us. It was clear they loved and missed us deeply but it was also obvious why they couldn’t be in physicality for very long. It was simply too dense, too heavy, too unloving an atmosphere and dimension for them to be in for very long, even back over 12,000 years ago. Like a fish out of water, they could only be in physicality for just so long before they had to go back Home again.

"After about a half-hour we had to let the Elder Lion beings leave. We Starseeds openly wept like little children, and the Sirian Starbeing kept shaking his head in disbelief at us. We thought we wouldn’t emotionally survive them leaving Earth after falling in love so deeply with all of them that afternoon in ancient Egypt. But, they had to go back Home, and so the meeting ended far too soon for all of us."

Next; I wish to include an exceedingly rare physical encounter with a cat man. Such an encounter, wonderfully confirms much of the channelled information thus far relayed.

The encounter is somewhat of an oddball encounter that transpired in July 1968, and occurred to Walter Rizzi. The information stems from an article located in Flying Saucer Review. This individual says that he saw a vast object 80 meters in diameter, which was wonderfully beautiful and slivery in colour. The object was supported by apparatus that were about two meters long and about two meters thick at the bottom. The ship was surrounded by a white light. Two beings were spotted at the top of the craft, which was transparent. One of the beings was a robot about 2 and a half meters high, and with three legs and four arms. A beam of light was seen and a being 1 meter and 60 cms in height was seen. He wore a tight fitting suit and a helmet. This confirms a comment in the book which I quote from Alcheringa, which said that that the feline beings wore helmets when on Earth. I will quote from the man who saw the cat man:

“I find it quite impossible to describe the emotion produced in me by the sight of this being. He had very beautiful eyes, which gave me a strange and very sweet sensation. I felt myself free and as light as a feather. At the same time I also felt quite calm and gazed at him eagerly. He was just like us. The glass hood started at his shoulders and encompassed his entire head. I asked him in Italian where he came from , and no sooner had I said it than I already had his answer in my brain, as though I had always known it.”

Walter was informed telepathically by the cat man that the cat man came from a far away planet that possessed immensely tall trees and mountains. There was no work on their planet and the cat people ate seeds and vegetables. Apparently, the cat being had a brain twice the size of humans and the race used all of it. On closer inspection of the cat man, Walter noticed that he had green cat eyes that were slightly slanted, brown fur, a cat`s nose, and his lips were very small.

The cat man went on to explain that there was no sickness on their world. And that their race had very powerful muscles designed to withstand the intensive gravity on their planet.

The cat man went on to explain that he flew in a vast mothership thought the universe. The mothership carried smaller ships such as the one landed on Earth. Aboard the mothership, hundreds of beings are living just like on their home planet. The ship traversed throughout space via the higher dimensional energy waves which are abundant in space. Apparently, the feline people had disintegrating weapons which could disintegrate anything.

I will quote once again from the human who witnessed the incident:

“I asked him if he believed in God. He was a bit surprised at that, and gave me to understand, with a cosmic turn of phrase , that everything is God - we, nature, the planets, rocks, grass - in fact everything that exists.”

The feline beings do not experience slow and painful depths, but transcend to a higher dimension with ease, when their time comes. It was also stated that they live for much longer than humans.

After telling the human how lucky he was to have seen him, he departed in his ship. Spectacular bursts of violet and orange light emanated from the spaceship as it flew off. The human cried profusely afterwards.

Apparently the so-called cat man, turned out to be both sexes. (An oddball case as I said.) But, nevertheless an intriguing one, and a rarity as most lion people or feline people do not interact directly with humans at this time, as the populace is generally not ready for such interaction.

Before one returns to the channelled information; another rare physical, (well, astrally physical) encounter, (of which one only recently became aquainted with) certainly warrents incorporation. A man by the name of James Gilliland, apparently had the pleasure of astrally travelling into a feline operated spaceship. I will paraphrase from his remarkable youtube video:

"On one of my travels, I went out of my body and ended up on a ship. In the ship were all these diverse beings. Such beings, are present upon many of the motherships that abound in Earth`s skies. An amazing cat being, spun around, out of her chair and gave me a big hug. I felt an incredible sensation of love. Like a long lost brotherly love, or a reunion love. It was incredible, phenomenal. A great power and energy emanated from her feline being. Her name is Bagit."

James, then proceeds to tell of a highly interesting encounter in which numerous cat beings were sighted in Mexico:

"You can meditate and connect with her if you so please. She is very involved in Earth`s ascension process. Many humans have had incarnations as feline people in other lives, so when you see these beings, it will be a soul shocker for you, as you may well find them more familiar than alien. The lion people are currently active in many spaceships across the planet. There was a recent landing of one of their crafts in a town in Mexico. The locals were a trifle freaked out when they saw that the occupants of the ship were walking bipedal felines! Their ships are alive and organic and reside in higher dimensions. They also possess the ability to enter the third dimension."

One shall next quote from a channelled book entitled Earth, authored by Barbara Marciniak. Beings from the Pleiades have this to say about the lion people and cats:

“Some of the animals here are utilized as transmitters. Your cats are direct transmitters of information to a species of consciousness that uses the cats to monitor you. In ancient times upon your planet, it was in vogue in many cultures to have a lion or other large cat next to the ruling entity. These animals were always there. Look at the ancient statues all over the planet and what do you see? Lions. The cat family represents a biogenetic tooling of a species that looks like you except that it has the visage of a cat. The cat people, or lion people, have come in shifts upon your planet and worked in South America, Mexico, Egypt, and in some island cultures. Statues have been built to honor them. When they taught the human race, or when they mixed their species and created the rulers here, especially in Egypt, they left cats to transmit information so the rulers had direct contact with the species from the stars. This is how many of these rulers made decisions. This is how they were guided. The cats gave them telepathic information. They were like transmitters or cosmic radios. In more current times, cats were owned by witches. Do you think witches were fools? The cats were links to other realms. When energy that is not so uplifted comes in, cats can intercept it and alter the vibration. Now many of you have little cats in your houses that transmit much information to you. However, in this time period, you are not generally working with this kind of information. The cats are guardians and assistants for you, great companions of comfort.”

The next book which I will quote from is You are Becoming a Galactic Human, authored by Sheldan Nidle is based upon galactic humans in Sirius B and their interpretation of the lion people. A Sirian called Washta explains about the lion people.

“Sirius A has three planets which are inhabited by non-human creatures. There creatures are fully conscious beings and are similar in stature to that of a seven- to -eight-foot lion. They look very humanoid except for the fact that they are covered with cat-like fur and have a lion-like face. These entities are incredibly smart wonderful creatures that have played an important part history ever since we first colonised the Sirius B star system.

It was then stated that the lion people willingly gave the humans the Sirius B and C systems because they had plenty of space in their Sirius A star system. The colonisation of the humans worlds occurred 4.3 million years ago.

In another book by Sheldan Nidle entitled Your First Contact, it is mentioned that lion people who call themselves the Paschats; meaning warriors from Heaven, reside in the Sirius A system. This is excellent confirmation of Murry Hope`s books and channelled information.

As is the following information. Carolyn Evers channels a lion woman called Lydia the Paschat. A physical description was given of her and apparently she has cat-like ears, brown fur, a cat nose, and mouth, and delightful green eyes with a golden tinge to them. She also has a gorgeous tail, and her fur glistens. Obviously she has a humanoid body, as all the lion people do. She was described as being very pretty and clever, (by her own admission):

“We,(lion people) are very brave, courageous and loving beings. We have soft fur and lion`s faces. Most of us are a fawn colour. We have a great interest in Earth and humanity. It is desired that as many Earthlings as possible move to higher dimensions. The creator is based on love. In 2012, there will be an influx of energy from the source, which will travel through a black hole in the centre of the universe. Earth will be completely changed. Science and spirituality are seen as one on our world. On your world they are not. Earth shall align with the galactic centre in 2012. You must think beyond what you know and you will have unlimited potential.”

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Earth Changes Update Lion Beings by James Gilliland ....

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