Polar Clock Crop Circle at Manton Drove : 2nd June 2012

The Polar Clock Crop Circle was reported at Manton Drove, Marlborough Wiltshire on the 2nd of June 2012. Here is what couple of Czech crop circle researchers have to say about the formation ...

We believe the formation reported on 2nd June 2012 resembles a polar clock. It is a kind of clock showing not only the time, but also the date. In order to analyze the message depicted in the formation, we first had to rotate the image. After that, we executed the application PolarClock3 (by PixelBreaker). Then we set the date and time so that, what the polar clock displayed on our monitor screen was the same as the one in the formation.

As the aerial shot was not taken perpendicularly to the formation, we are not sure about the time displayed, but we think that at least the date can be considered correct. The formation tells the following time and date: 19:43:53 on Saturday, 4th August 2012. We have no idea what this particular time might mean. Hope someone will find out why this date should be significant.

Jitka & Roman Hamar, The Czech Republic, 02/06/2012

This one seemed like it was indeed pointing towards August 4th for some reason ... some of us believed this would be date for first open contact with ETs and that it would take place at the London Olympics, which came to pass ... Although, that day is not for away ! Most people are aware of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, there are some of us who are still waiting to be told what to believe in ... we've gotten so used to it !

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