Crop Circle at Woodborough Hill : 9th June 2012

This crop circle was reported on the 9th of June 2012 at Woodborough Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. It shows 3 distinct objects/entities resembling 'sunfish' moving in a serpentine path with the Eye at the center of the spherical heads.

The tails have 6, 7 and 8 spheres showing some kind of a progression ... the wings symbolize flight ... perhaps this symbolizes neutrinos coming to Earth ... or the Itz (Cosmic Sap) pouring into our Solar System as we make our way through the Photon Belt.

The Diagram of the formation depicts the details a lot more clearly ... the actual formation seems to have undergone some damage from people entering the fields. Another important detail to take account of is the fact that the Wheat was extremely young for a formation and the plants were recovering rapidly.

Interpretations are always welcome ... please post in the comments section below ! The Winged Rattle Snake Crop Circle also has similar sunfish wings on the side of the rattlesnake. Definitely connected in their meaning !

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