Crop Circle in Bracciano Italy : 20th May 2012

The first genuine crop circle this season appeared in Bracciano, Bertinoro (FC) Italy on the 20th of May 2012, not far away from the place where a major earthquake struck around the same time somewhere between Parma and Bologna. Also, the Annular Solar Eclipse happened the same day, making the events seem connected in some way !

The formation depicts an intricate two way spiraling staircase/ladder, which may symbolize a "Saros cycle" for any long term series of eclipses. Spirals appear as symbols in art and on architecture since Neolithic and Paleolithic times. They exist in the natural world as whorls in flowing water and flames, as well as in the growth of plants and animals in the form of the Fibonacci spiral. Spirals also describe the movement of galaxies and the activity of the sun’s flares, etc.

As a symbol, the spiral has both an inner moving direction and an outer moving direction. Because of these two characteristics, the spiral carries the symbolism for: Yin and Yang, death and rebirth, involution and evolution, contraction and expansion. The ladder aspect of this formation is reminiscent of Jacob’s ladder by which the heavenly hosts could descend to Earth and the earthly beings could ascend to heaven. With this formation we are confronted with the challenge of uniting the Earthly to the Heavenly, the challenge of realizing the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter! 

Around the time of the Earthquake some unusual lights were filmed in the skies over Bologna, Italy. Here is the footage ...

Here is some video footage of the crop circle formation ... (From an Italian Website)

Reference : Crop Circle Connector 

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