Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure : Paul Hellyer on ETs & UFO Cover Up !

The one story which has the potential of making tremendous change in our reality is undoubtedly the story of the UFO phenomena and the major cover up surrounding information on Extraterrestrials and the truth about our origins. Most of you reading this are probably well aware of the presence of other intelligences amongst us both in the seen and unseen realms around Earth.

There might still be some of us who look at all of this phenomenal information about UFOs and ETs from a skeptical viewpoint. This is not to convince anyone to change their ideas or views about anything, but to simply open one's mind to the possibility of the information shared, being true ! It does change everything we think we know about our world and perhaps this is the reason why most of us are afraid to let go off our illusions and our attachment to them.

Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer shares his views on ETs and the ongoing UFO Cover Up ...

We can always discount others experiences for not being evidence enough to believe there is something of importance going on, worth paying attention to. However, we all have something called 'Intuition', an inner knowing which is our guiding system, which when awakened, can help separate wheat from the chaff. The very fact that this information is coming from highly respectable, credible witnesses, it becomes something of importance, worthy of our attention ... This is most definitely a big step forward in the process of full UFO Disclosure and change to sustainable free energy technologies, which have been kept secret by the big money making cartels of our world.

There is a documentary film titled "Somewhere Out There" which features some of these successful experiments in Free Energy and shows how this technology has been suppressed by someone who obviously does not want this information out in the mainstream so they can make some more money. Free energy like the same suggests is available to everyone for Free, hence cannot be metered ... which totally shifts the money making paradigm to something more sustainable and meaningful. Maybe there is another way to live our lives, just waiting round the corner to emerge as we strive forth in our quest to find meaning to life ...

The best we can do is, be the light and walk the way we choose to ... with love !

Reference : Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure

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muzuzuzus said...

It greatly disturbs me that any ETs would be working with the insane Military Industrial Complex!!

Mestar said...

Yeah I'm very confused about possibility of ET's working with US military. I thought they would be more wise, but idk about their intentions.

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