Psychedelic Kriya Yoga : Tantric Sex & the Body of Light ~ Part 4


The Great Tantra of the conversion of the physical body into the body of light occurs from the identification of the mind with the explosive force of the openness to the light. This practice creates a new awareness that we are also a body of light. In the sexual act if our focus is on the energy moving throughout the body, in particular the spine and deep brain rapture. Both partners can practice this conductivity during the sexual act. It intensifies the sensual experience and allows the male to have control of giving the woman prolonged pleasure. The male may climax several times in the pleasure center in the head. Then the release as desired through the genitals. The woman feels greater sensation internally and is moved to the light.

We may see light especially when we release into a conscious climax. This is why sex and death are so closely related.

A Kriya technique is sitting crossed legged on each other during a psychedelic session and breathe rhythmically each other’s breath consciously. This produces the experience of the conductivity through both beings.

As we let go of our last breath riding the energy to the apex in the top of the head, called the crown chakra, we merge into the great light above the head. Bringing the energy to the head during the sexual act a inner climax occurs. Tantric yogis can do this again and again. Then a release can occur at will. Through this process multiple climaxes will occur. ‘The practice of Kriya yoga has an auto erotic quality, as the energy moves up from the gentalia region to the mid brain.

This process can be cultivated through Kriya Yoga while we are in this body. Whereby in our meditation we conduct the energy up and down the spine. Feeling and experiencing its resonance in our mid brain is a profound ecstasy.


Eventually you will know yourself in a new form that of a light body. In the Tibetan tradition it is called rainbow body. The energy body or a body of light is within the capacity of the human experience. It can be crystallized by being aware of another dimension, which is beyond the mind.

The Yogi experiences a feeling of bliss, which is unifying by nature. It can be seen as light and often felt as Joy. And doing the practice of Kriya yoga, during the pause between breaths. There is a cessation of thought abiding in the presence of pure Being.

We become aware of worlds beyond mind and form as we know it. This becomes crystallized or held without any obstructions and is radiant light in all directions. From our present point of view. It is immortality. This is not a concept. It cannot be held by mind or memory. There is nothing to identify with. It simply is. A halo sometimes can be seen around the body being or at the least a sense of experience of a sphere of light. This is the Light body in the Tibetan tradition, the rainbow body. There may be psychedelic states in which this light body is momentarily revealed to us on experiential level. However, it is not held on to, or crystallized in this field of awareness. The Yogi knows this through the vehicle of the conductivity of the breath., and is able with practice to crystallize the rainbow body . You are this body of light. This world of the duality, is but a shadow world of thought, sound and form emanating from the body of light.


Each of the nerve plexus or Chakras in the body mind being can open to your higher emotional mind which allows us to perceive experientially a whole different dimension of reality beyond thought. This experience can become crystallized within the being and allow us to move into a body of light. The Kriya Yogi learns to master the movement of energy using the body as a vehicle to conduct the light through the centers. Each center has a distinct feeling and a higher emotional octave. In the lower center sex center one can feel the heat, and pleasure in the vital center just below the navel one can feel a sense of energetic vitality and strength. Then as one moves into the heart center we can feel a feeling of goodness of warmth of love that moves out beyond the confines of the physical body... The throat center often called the center of action has a vibrant quality of a different kind energy and felt as if to project out. Then we moved into the medulla oblongata at the base of the cranium this is where the pleasure center is located and the old brain a very important center to Kriya yogis since this is where you lift the muscles in the back of the neck. This activates the pleasure centers in the reptilian brain and contributes to whole brain rapture As this lifting process occurs we feel pressure on the pineal gland or third eye which feels like an opening to new sense of awareness the energy apex in the center of the head. This center is often depicted in Southeast Asian Buddha’s as a flame above the head. As these centers open we feel full body rapture. In yoga this is know as the bliss sheath.

A simple exercise to master the feeling of each center would be to take even breaths in and out feeling each of the centers independent of one another.

As you breathe in and out feel sense of pleasure in the coccyx. Then move the attention into the solar plexus, the stomach often drops as it relaxes and a sense of vitality and strength can be felt as you breathe in and out. Martial artist often practice this form of breathing. Now move the attention to the heart center you can feel it as deep emotional love. Then move to the throat center one feels almost a sense of vitality as you do from the vital center but different. Then breathe and feel the seat of consciousness the medulla oblongata. It can be felt as pleasure. this activation of the pleasure center can often bring the entire body energies unite and the whole brain feels that it is if it is lit up. Now breathing in and out through the penal body I you will feel distinct feeling and pressure their also a very peaceful enjoyable sense of self. Finally the crown center opens automatically but it feels is if something is rising up in and about the body like a flame this can be felt very subtle extremely subtle. Enjoy the breath and joy of your being.

The feeling of the centers is particularly acute under the influence of various phycedelic substances. As you become aware of these centers, it will contribute to the Kriya conductivity of the breath.


The art work below shows the energy moving upward from the heart to the head. The Ka or soul as the Egyptians called it.


The use of psychoactive plants in the early history of mankind for spiritual and metaphysical purposes has been well documented in many of the ancient cultures. As I mentioned before the 18 Siddhas of southern India, the early Taoists use of various of chemical potions for immortality, and the unrecorded prehistory of literature seen in signs and symbols in the Mayan Aztec and Toltec cultures as well as your eastern Indian and Taoist cultures.

In using primarily psychedelic drugs today we are able to go within and be very sensitive to the movement of energies and feelings in the body and even have the experience all of the light body as well. But to use these chemicals whether they are natural or man-made without yoga is like a ship in a storm without a Rudder. It's not that you can control the experience but you can participate with it in a particular way. As I mentioned earlier in feeling the various centers in the body when this practice is engaged in with the use of psychedelics, deep feelings and ecstasy is aroused from the various centers. This indeed is a fast-forward way of learning yogic practices. Unfortunately due to the social misinformation and fear of psychedelic drugs this use of learning and knowledge of an inner being has been dismissed and labeled hallucinatory. The idea of the modern Shaman or Yogi would be to be able to enter these non-ordinary states almost at will under
the right circumstances and enjoy the bliss and ecstasy at will without the use of drugs... This takes some practice while using psychoactive substances but is well worth while. To be able to enter the states of oneness and be opened to divine love is one of the greatest tasks a man can take with use of this body being.
Interestingly enough in my own case I had by chance or effort come to the end of the great search to find myself, to understand and to experience a direct relationship with God when the search ended my inner life really began without the limitation intention of trying to achieve a particular goal or state.


The elixir of immortality is felt as the life force rising up the spine. Plant medicine and supplements assist in the alchemical transformation.
In the ancient recorded traditions of Taoism and yoga often herbal and mineral mixtures were used along with elixirs, for good health, wellbeing and immortality. Many of these potions have been lost or hidden in symbolic rhetoric. Soma in India is a good example of this. Today we have smart drugs and supplements which affect master glands, the Pituitary, Pineal and hypothalamus which orchestrate our hormone secretions.
The brain is our greatest sensual pleasure organ when we learn how to activate through Kriya Yoga we can experience states of bliss and rapture at will.

This was my desire when I first started taking psychedelics since I would feel pressure in the pituitary region of the brain third eye and feel pleasure and intensity in the mid brain. There are a few herbal products that affect the mid brain directly much in the same way psychedelics do without the depletion that can follow a trip.

Dopa Bean Mucuna Pruiens, has a high degree of dopamine. High levels of dopamine improve sex drive and memory. It stimulates the Pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. Although dopamine is associated with movement the inner movement of Kriya Yoga is also amplified. Mushrooms and LSD cause a dramatic release of dopamine in the brain often when you are high you want to dance and you have a sense of vitality.
The yogi, through Kriya yoga is able to stimulate the pineal and pituitary gland using the breath and inner pumps to saturate the brain with nutrient laden blood.

By ingesting Dopa Mucuna and doing Kriya yoga the pituitary gland releases DMT. This would explain when doing the Kriya practice there is a flight into the light. There are a large range of anti-oxidants when delivered to the mid brain create an enhancement of the sensation of whole brain rapture. I use a large range of noontopics and supplements for longevity, health and a feeling of wellbeing. I suggest reading “Brain Longevity” by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa MD. This book describes in detail the health benefits and variety of brain mind products. Supplements react differently with each of us. You need to experiment and see what results you achieve. High doses of anti oxidants driven to the mid brain create a rapture. Some that I use regularly are DMG, Alpha Lipoic Acid. C Q 10, DMAE and Phosphatidyserine to name a few. I am always interested in new supplements for life enhancement.

Remember you are taking the supplements to the mid brain, with Kriya practice, where they do the most good.


There are some very advanced techniques in Kriya yoga. A couple I like to discuss here. They are only advanced in as much as it is essential to feel the centers and feel the movement of the conductivity in the body that's the primary basic practice of Kriya Yoga.

Inner breathing is a very deep internal movement in the body in the Taoist tradition is called bone breathing this is because your core essential nature is pulsating. This is prior than the function of the lungs but a deep inner movement.

One way of accessing this would be to do the bellows, followed by doing a Kriya on the last inhaled breathe.
Open the chest as you breathe in with a short than long double breath. Use a double breath so it fills the lower and upper cavity of the lungs and then exhale much in the same way is pushed out rapidly like a bellows. You can do several of these as many as you can handle. But be careful I've seen people come right off the ground and levitate while doing this. I myself when I first did it was thrown completely across the room. So go with care as in all yoga.

So one would do the bellows until you feel a fullness, where there's no need to breath, usually on the inhaled breath. It is then held. As in the conductivity you turn the tongue to the upper palate. Then roll the tongue back and tightens the anal sphincter muscles or the yoni and comfortably holds the breath. This is then held and your lower center is felt.. Then let the energy rise up using the three pumps. The lower abdomen then through the heart and then pushed up using the jade pillow or muscles in the back of the neck by the Medulla into the midbrain. This is a very powerful exercise. The more you practice Kriya yoga you will learn how to draw this energy up and down in the body with or without the breath this deep or inner breathing. This practice takes you to unimaginable openings.

As I mentioned earlier I have practiced Kriya yoga for over 45 years it is a never ending process of continuous opening. If there is any form of evolution it certainly is not the being but the nervous system does involve. We become more sensitive and aware of our surroundings as I had mentioned. The various Sidhis or powers that sometimes arise as a result of these practices ultimately are simply a joyful expression of self realization.

"I am John Krajewski, a visionary artist from back in the 60's having done posters and Album covers. The rolling stone called my cover for "Iron Butterfly Live" mystical and visionary art. My art was a way to convey the ecstasy and experiences with psychedelic Kriya Yoga. My initial discovery of Kriya Yoga occurred under LSD. I have had initiations in this Sovereign Science by Masters through out the east. In India, Indonesia, and Burma. Forms of Kriya Yoga are known in all ancient cultures. I am forever grateful and deeply respectful to all the teachers I have met. In a forthcoming blog I will share some of these encounters. I have practiced steadfastly for over 45 years with and without plant medicine. The real initiation happens as you do the practice. Kriya Yoga is the real inner teacher. It is a love affair with the Divine."

You can reach John at [email protected] or find him on Facebook ...

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