Chi Master ~John Chang : The Magus Of Java !

In 2000, Kosta Danaos published a book, called The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal where he tells about John Chang, his system (called neikung or Nei Kung).

It's an amazing story of a Javanese healer and martial artist who demonstrates his full mastery of Chi, or bio-energy, as witnessed in the clip from the documentary film Ring of Fire.

The most startling sequence in the film is that of the acupuncturist John Chang generating an electrical current within his body, which he uses to heal the film maker with an eye infection, and then setting a newspaper on fire with his bare hand.

This scene caused the Greek martial arts instructor Kosta Danaos to seek out the master and begin an apprenticeship that would yield more insights into Chang`s astonishing powers. Chang is a direct heir to the lineage of the fifth-century B.C.Chinese master Mo-Tzu, Confucius`s great rival. He is a master of a Kung Fu lineage whose roots can be traced back twenty-four hundred years and he teaches the discipline of Mo-Pai, little known in the West, and practises techniques such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, and interaction with spirits.

The Magus of Java includes explanations of Chang`s paranormal abilities witnessed by the author and vividly described, and offers proof for the existence and study of Chi and Neikung, or internal power.

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