Awakening As One Trilogy : The Call, The Plan & The Prophecy !

The Awakening Trilogy includes 3 videos titled The Call, The Plan & The Prophecy which are in fact One; one film, with one message, coming from One Heart, One Mind & One Spirit, Awakening us to our Oneness with ourselves, the Earth, each other… and All.

The Call – "The Awakening Trilogy" Pt.1

“The Call” is a call from the heart, and for the heart, to inspire people to unite in genuine selfless service of the Earth and all living things.

The Plan – "The Awakening Trilogy" Pt. 2

“The Plan” appeals to the mind and shows how Unity, Truth, Compassion and Selflessness may bring balance and healing to the Earth.

The Prophecy – "The Awakening Trilogy" Pt. 3

“The Prophecy” brings the message of “The Awakening Trilogy” to its peak of inspiration and empowerment by shining a light, through the fear and confusion surrounding the Mayan December 21st, 2012 date. Created with great care and attention to the Wisdom of our Spiritual Elders and that of certain new scientists “The Prophecy” tells the story of 2012 with light and clarity.

Awakening As One exists for the sole purpose of inspiring and encouraging humanity to make the intelligent choice to unite and live for the peace and harmony of all, rather than for the material gain of the self.

Awakening As One commits the total sum of its available resources and creativity into the furtherance of the immediate divine objective for humanity and planet earth; which include 1) uniting those who hold a vision for a more harmonious existence, and 2) combining our diverse, yet complimentary skills, so that we may free ourselves from our dependency on our current self-destructive system, and thereby 3) begin the co-creation of a new harmonious Way of BEing, with each other… and the Earth.

With grateful hearts
We are…

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