When We Grow : A Documentary on Cannabis

"When We Grow... This Is What We Can Do" is an educational documentary film by Seth Finegold, presented by Luke Bailey concerning the facts about Cannabis. In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment.

In this film we follow two young filmmakers on a shoestring budget as they delve into the history of the plant, the facts, its many uses and the laws and politics that surround it. Discover what prohibition of Cannabis really means, who it affects, who profits and why marijuana was prohibited in the first place.

The documentary features interviews with a cannabis activist, the owner of a hydroponic grow shop, a black market dealer, the former UK Drugs Policy advisor, Dr. Nutt, professor of neuropsychopharmacology, and a multiple sclerosis patient who would rather die than live without medicinal cannabis.”

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Unknown said...

Now growing cannabis is illegal in some countries but it should be legal. because their are so many effective effects cannabis. So really thankful to you for posting this blog.

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