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Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana, has been the most talked about and the most commonly used psychedelic in the world. There is a lot of propaganda and junk science associated with this topic sending out mixed messages of fear and uncertainty to the masses . There are some who have condemned the use of Cannabis terming it illegal, waging a multi-billion war on drugs, ignorantly including the mystical plant among other harmful chemically engineered substances. There is a good reason for most governments to do so. Cannabis opens up hidden doors in our psyche and the truth begins to emerge that changes everything in our world view ! The mind altering nature of Cannabis can make one less interested in the worldly chaos, hence discouraging many from becoming that brick in the wall, this system so wonderfully creates. That's a risk no country would like to take. However, not all countries have been able to enforce these laws and the use is on the rise with an ever increasing experimenting, rebel population waking up to the age of information. The catch is that all the information out there is not all fact and is mostly misappropriated for political and blissfully ignorant reasons. There is a lot of good and a whole lot of bad stuff associated with the history of Cannabis. The point is to realize that it's not the substance but the user who is responsible for his or her actions. It's probably the most misquoted and unacknowledged plant of all time !

Through history, many cultures have come across Cannabis and the use is not new to most civilizations. In ancient Germanic culture, Cannabis was associated with the Germanic love goddess, Freya. The harvesting of the plant was connected with an erotic high festival. It was believed that Freya lived as a fertile force in the plant's feminine flowers and by ingesting them one became influenced by this divine force. The Celts may have also used Cannabis as Hashish was found in Hallstatt, birthplace of Celtic culture. According to some scholars, Cannabis was an ingredient of holy anointing oil mentioned in various sacred Hebrew texts. Cannabis also has a Biblical reference and is said to have been used by Jesus himself. The wandering ascetics from India consumed the Cannabis flower in the form of a very popular Hallucinogenic drink called Bhaang. Sufi saints from Persia, the Sikhs in India, the Rastafarians worshiping their God JAH have all made use of Cannabis in some form or the other. There are many modern movements like the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church and the Church of Cognizance which consider Cannabis to be the Holy Eucharist and the Tree of Life.

Hemp, the term for Cannabis in it's industrial form is used for various purposes as shown above. In particular, it's used to make cloth and paper which is an excellent alternative to large scale felling of trees. Sounds like a solution to the scare of Global warming. The medicinal properties of Cannabis has paved the way for it's use in many parts of America making it easily available at stores on prescription. With so many good reasons for the plant to flourish, we must be utterly stupid to not do so ! What's bad is the ignorance to facts and the bullshit propaganda called DRUGS. Marijuana isn't even physically addictive as opposed to Nicotine and Alcohol. But how many of us really know this ? I hope we rise to the need of the hour by decriminalizing the use of Marijuana and turning around this already messed up system with some sense from Sensimilia. Even better, get your own home grown and make a start ! There are many popular strains such as Purple Haze, Acapulco Gold, White Widow, Kush, Panama Red, BC Bud, Chocolate Thai and the legendary G-13 which pack more punch and are way more potent than wild growing Cannabis ! Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica are the most commonly found varieties. Cannabis Indica found mostly in Asia is more potent than the Sativa. It's the resin from Cannabis Indica which produces the best Hashish in places like Afghanistan and the Himalayas. Smoking is not always the best option especially with the modern lifestyle of minimal physical activity. Good physical, mental and spiritual health are of paramount importance in no specific order of preference. Our world is beautiful green, let's keep it that way while bringing in more color to our lives !


Anonymous said...

Marijuana for life!

Anonymous said...

I’m inclined to agree with most of your opinions regarding the health risks of cannabis use, it’s always been the inclusion of tobacco in the process that’s been the most destructive and harmful aspect of its use.

Of course, these days there are alternatives other than eating or drinking it. Vaporizers are easily available and, I imagine, make the entire experience more aesthetic -- no dirty ash or smoke, plus cleaner and healthier lungs.

It’s curious how the plant as a whole isn’t regarded with greater affection in North America, because it was ships fitted out with hemp sails and ropes that carried many new settlers to its shores. It continued to be a major cash crop for immigrant farmers, and I’ve always found it mildly amusing that George Washington was one of them.

You write, '…the information out there is not all fact and is mostly misappropriated for political and blissfully ignorant reasons’, which is, of course, true of all information from a government source… any government;-D

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