Crop Circle : Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire : 9th June 2011

This brilliant formation was reported on the 9th of June 2011 at Kingstone Coombes, near Ashbury, Oxfordshire. The formation in it's appearance is quite close to the Hackpen Hill formation of 30th May 2011 ! Perhaps, it has some significance in relation to that one.

Here are some ground shots of the formation ... the lay does in fact look quite exquisite ! Some of the rough edges i believe are due to damage caused from visitors walking in ...

... Interpretations are welcome !

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Freeka-Diary said...

Brilliant blog. Keep on the good work ;)

Trea said...

this circle shows the reactions of onece ghost.
not everyone can see it, still its on the positive sides of the reaction aura.
and i count that 6 of 10 of this auralooks can be positive. 6 is more or less nutral normal thow.

i see this ghosty one at position 4

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