Which Vaporizer is Best for Marijuana ?

Even though vaporizers have been available on the market for a few years, marijuana users still know very little about them. In this article, we present various types of vaporizers that can be used for vaping marijuana and we talk about pros and cons of each model.

A lot of marijuana users are convinced that the majority of vaporizers are not good enough for vaping dried herbs and that they should be used only with liquids that contain THC. This is a myth. The liquids of this type are designed for e-cigarettes, while vaporizers are designed for vaping dried herbs and dabs (marijuana concentrates). Some vaporizers created for dried herbs vaporization feature a special insert for concentrates vaporization. You can also place a small amount of concentrate between two layers of dried herbs. Note that concentrates aren’t a product that’s available only in American pharmacies – you can relatively easily make them at home.

Portable vaporizers for dried herbs

Dried herbs vaporizers are the most popular devices, probably because the herbs are so widely available. It’s the easiest solution for weed fans. These devices are very easy to use because you don’t need to process the herbs in any way. All you have to do is just grind the herbs a bit. Then, you place them in the heating chamber and once the device reaches the right temperature, you can start inhaling.

One of the most important benefits of using this kind of vaporizers is the flavour and aroma you experience. If you’re not a fan of tobacco, you’ll be amazed – the flavour of vapor from a vaporizer is way better than the flavour of smoke from a joint made with weed and tobacco. And there’s more! It’s even better than the flavour of marijuana smoked without tobacco! Discreetness plays an important role, too. Vaporizers produce no smoke, just vapor that has a much less intense aroma and disappears really fast. What’s more, a joint burns and releases smell all the time, which is not the case when you use a vaporizer. You can notice the smell only in the moment of the actual vaporization. When you smoke, a large amount of THC gets damaged due to the high temperature, which you can avoid by vaporizing the herbs. This means that vaporization is a much more economic method than smoking.

Vaporization is the healthiest possible form of marijuana consumption. First of all, when you vaporize, you don’t inhale carcinogenic tar substances because no burning process takes place. All the available scientific research clearly indicate that vaporization is incomparably better for your health than marijuana, regardless of your preferred smoking method – pipe, joints or a bong. By far, the best combination is a vaporizer with a water filter. This solution lets you cool the vapor down properly and makes it thicker so the inhalation is much more comfortable. Compared to concentrates vaporizers, the models designed for herbs use require more time before you can start the inhalation (a few minutes). They also provide a less intense experience than the ones you can use with concentrates. Basically, an easy inhalation takes more time – normally a few minutes – just like when you smoke a joint. If you want to have a solution that will let you evaporate marijuana faster, you can use an on-demand vaporizer. They heat up within seconds and let you take a few quick drags in a very short time.

Whatever method you choose, a concentrate will always provide a stronger experience than dried herbs. However, vaping herbs has its pros - the user can fully control the intensity of the inhalation and he/she can continue or stop at the right moment. With concentrates, due to the high concentration of THC, you can get really high after just a few draws, which is not always the nicest feeling. ‘The best vaporizers for herbs that are currently available on the market are PAX 3 Vaporizer (a model with 10-year warranty), Mighty Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer and AirVape XS. Among on-demand models, the ones that stand out are Magic Flight Launch Box and Firefly 2’ – says Ryszard Fazowski from VapeFully that sells premium class vaporizers.

E-liquid vaporizers

These devices aren’t actually vaporizers. They are regular e-cigarettes used with an e-liquid enriched with cannabinoids. You can get this kind of liquids in pharmacies and shops in those countries where marijuana is legal. In other places, users can relatively easily create their own liquid with THC – there are many English-language tutorials on the internet that tell you how to do it. “Liquids of this type are really powerful and allow for some discreet inhalations. However, you can’t use them in vaporizers designed for vaping herbs or concentrates” – continues Jonathan Weed from VapeFully.

Concentrates vaporizers

Concentrates, called dabs, are concentrated extracts from marijuana. They can have various forms: liquid (honey oil), wax (wax, badder, rosin) or be solid (shatter, crumble). This type of substances is currently extremely popular in the USA and Canada and they’re gaining popularity all over Europe. No surprise – they are very strong (the THC concentration can reach even 90%, compared to 20-25% in the weakest varieties of herbs). Even the most seasoned users can achieve some really impressive results using these substances. What’s more, you only need 2-3 draws to get satisfying results (you get really high).

It’s quite easy to make this type of concentrate at home – you can use butane or the so-called non-solvent technique. In the first case, you soak herbs in butane in order to extract cannabinoids. As a result, you get golden oil that – depending on the technique you use – turns into wax or a solid concentrate. This method isn’t the safest solution for the inexperienced users because it’s relatively easy to cause an explosion. A much easier and safer option is the so-called rosin technique – you use a hair straightener and a piece of parchment to squeeze the resin out of the herbs. You can also use a special press designed for this purpose.

Apart from being powerful, concentrates are really tasty and aromatic - thanks to a wide range of terpenes they contain. Concentrates are not made for regular smoking. Even though you can technically do it, it would be a great waste because a very high temperature destroys the majority of THC. You can use concentrates in a specially designed water pipe converted into a vaporizer (a so-called dab rig), electronic vaporizers with a water filter (e-nail) and some very small, pen-shaped vaporizers (vape pen). Some models originally created for herbs vaporization do a really good job at concentrates vaporization, too. One of the less expensive devices of this type is Storm Vaporizer. The above-mentioned PAX 3 Vaporizer and Firefly 2 are worth trying, too. The popularity of vaporizers will be growing at an impressive pace now – you´ll see for yourself!

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