Sacred Sex : Awakening of your Soul

In most ancient spiritual cultures and mystery schools, the role of tantra, or sacred sex, was understood as vital to spiritual awakening. Today numerous spiritual traditions still practice tantra. In the hieroglyphics of the Luxor Temple in Egypt you can still find symbolic depiction of sexual initiation. Mayan elders speak of sexuality as what orbits the planets and stars and connects us to the Milky Way and the universe. The Incan acknowledge the entire second stage of their mystery school as that of developing sacred sexuality in which both partners lovingly assist one other in moving toward "Christed consciousness." Buddhists, certain Hindu sects, ancient Essenes, and others also hold sacred sexuality as key to their paths. The Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, of which I am the founder, divides its teachings into three primary stages. The first is awakening your Ka: ego transcendence, adapting a spiritual identity, and embodiment of your Higher Self. The second stage is awakening your Ba: healing and awakening of your soul through tantric sexuality. The third stage is awakening your Mer-Ka-Ba: union of your Higher Self and soul into your multidimensional hologram as held in place with sacred geometry.

As you begin to understand the indispensable relevance of right use of sexual energy to spiritual awakening, the focus turns inward to, "What can I do to make myself capable of and available for this aspect of awakening?" Some of those who practice tantra today have forgotten the major keys for this aspect of awakening which are surrender, love, and sacredness. There are those who practice tantra who have omitted these ingredients while doing all the techniques accurately. The end result will eventually be the attainment of power that is devoid of surrender to love and sacredness. And I believe we have enough history behind us to understand the dangers implicit in such attainment.

To assist you in further understanding sacred sexuality and its connection to your soul's awakening, I would like to offer the following channeling from one of my books. Archangel An-Ra is a feminine Light Being who is a member of the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of Light. She and other Pleiadian Archangels have long been involved in the spiritual teachings and mystery schools of Egypt, Lemuria, many Native American Tribes, the Maya, Inca, Hindu, and many others. The rest of this article is a channeled excerpt from The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, published by Bear and Co. of Santa Fe, New Mexico, copyright 1997.

An-Ra speaks: Beloveds, I am most grateful for the opportunity to speak to you ...and to bring you a wondrous story of creation, sexuality, and the awakening of your soul to its full potential and glory. You see, in truth, it is impossible to speak thoroughly about any of these three subjects without speaking of all three. The beauty of creation is that it involves all aspects of existence, as symbolized microcosmically in your body and consciousness.

Beyond this lifetime, or all of your lifetimes, there is an ongoing eternal wave of Creation. You see, in the beginning was the word, and the word was, "I Am." From Oneness, in a deep state of silence and peace, came the awakening to its own existence: "I Am." Within that Oneness, or Divine Source existed infinite possibilities. And each of us is one of those possibilities. Original Creation began when Oneness next thought, "If I exist, what else exists?" Then the division of Oneness into two birthed the first cosmic twins, Holy Mother and Holy Father. Their first experience of each other was one of awe, wonder, and loving adoration. This impulsed them into a spontaneous blending into Oneness again, and was what you might think of as the first tantric union. From that point, they began to birth possibilities, beginning with the Elohim and Archangels. From these Light Beings was birthed all of existence. And original Creations were all conceived and birthed in deep love including your own. And the impulse for union and Creation was always love and adoration and wanting to be One with the Beloved other.

Now we come to the part about human creation, conception and birthing. Needless to say, because of the nature of your birth experience coming through your mother's womb, the energy with which you were created, or conceived, will determine greatly your experience of yourself. Anything less than innocent love and adoration between parents at the time of conception, gestation, and birthing sets karmic patterns in place to be worked out in that life time. And you choose parents who will anchor the specific karmic patterns you need to transcend. If your mother felt ashamed of having sex, even with her husband, and your father was having pornographic fantasies instead of loving your mother and being present with her, these energies were imprinted on your soul as you entered your body at birth. Your initial imprint of male/female relationships, your own inner male and female aspects, and your relationship to your mother and father and to the world all come from the energy between your parents at the moment of conception. Was your mother relieved that your father was finally through? Did she feel like weeping but held the tears back instead? Or did she fake an orgasm in order to secretly have a sense of secret power over him? Did your father roll over, mumble good-night, and try not to look at your mother so he could hold onto his pretend fantasy in which the porno damsel was swept off her feet by his amorous and ardent love-making? Did he resent your mother for not responding that way? Or did he hold a double standard of thinking it vile for a woman to enjoy sex, while secretly fantasizing himself as an incredible lover that no woman could resist? Or perhaps you were fortunate and had parents who were healthy sexually and really loved each other.

Without healthy sexual attitudes and experiences, it is impossible to give birth to awakened, fully healthy children. Without male and female equality, love, adoration for one another, trust, respect, and shared innocence, full communion with Oneness is impossible as are peace, freedom, and joy. The lust-seduction control games; sexual attitudes of distrust, shame, lovelessness, and separation; as well as lack of spiritual presence during intercourse are literally destroying your soul's ability to experience wholeness and health in the third dimension. You see, your soul is directly impulsed by all sexual experiences whether loving and satisfying, or otherwise. If you are on a spiritual path, meditating regularly, clearing your emotions, healing your past lives, and seeing the finest of healers, you will still only be able to attain to an unsatisfactory level of spiritual awareness and wholeness if your sexual energy is not moving freely, fully, and lovingly through your body and soul. You need not have a partner in order to experience this, but your gendered relationships, both internal and external, must be balanced and healthy.

...What you call sexual energy, or sexual expression, is the stuff of which existence is both made and sustained. When a couple in love experiences total surrender one to the other during a heightened sexual experience, they become blended into a single consciousness containing equal parts male and female. The original experience of Oneness, or God, awakening to its own existence, and responding, was , "I Am," meaning, "I exist." That experience led to Oneness individuating its own male and female halves, then blending them into Oneness again. A rhythm or union, individuation, union, individuation was set in place, and cosmically, has continued ever since. So is the sacred function of your sexuality intended to bring about the same ecstasy and experience of Oneness as the original awakening of existence.

The female vulva is a geometric gateway to the cosmos. The vagina is the spiraling passageway through which a person must travel in order to enter the womb, which is the microcosm of the egg of existence. As the egg is "hatched," or fully activated, energy and consciousness move directly through another spiraling tunnel or passageway to the woman's soul. From the woman's soul the energy and light of love is sent out in waves back to her partner and through existence simultaneously. These waves are like ripples on water, only holographic. They are like bubbles expanding in wavelike motion as opposed to ripples on a flat surface. These waves create a blending of the soul of the woman and her partner. The love and ecstasy created by their union is transmitted through a spiral passageway down through the male's body into his prostate which further excites his penis to transmit the love, adoration, and joy energies passionately into the woman's vagina. This cycle is repeated in a continuum once both the male and female have totally surrendered to giving and receiving love and relinquishing all control. The two become a microcosm of the macrocosm of existence. They spin the galaxies together, hold planets in form, spiritually activate one another's souls and spirits through the dimensions, and heal each other and all of existence: and all while having a great time! Sound easy? Ideally yes. But your world has made it very complicated.

Trust and respect have been so long lost that you spend more time testing one another, making each other prove yourselves, finding reasons to doubt each other, and vying for control than you do creating and enjoying your love relationships. And these things you call love relationships are often little more than addictive pain patterns being acted out. Love does not need to possess, control, degrade, withhold, prove anything, distrust, or conquer. Love simply loves. It flows. It is uninhibited, uncontrived, natural, innocent, and spontaneous. And while discernment is needed in the selection of a partner, it need not prohibit you from loving everyone. Did you know that humans are terrified of feeling the totality of unconditional love? You have been taught to restrain yourselves lest you make a fool of yourselves. You have been taught that it is impossible to love fully without hurting if the other person does not return your love and promise to stay forever. Without 100 percent guarantee that you will not "lose," you hold backxa little or a lot. It does not really matter how much. The point is that the flow has been dammed and therefore controlled.

What if love were only possible by forfeiting all guarantees? What if love could only exist in the presence of surrender? What if there were no such thing as loss, only change? What if you had to let go before the other person did without knowing whether he or she will ever let go or not? You would risk disappointment; but that is all. If you have healthy self-esteem and self-love the person you love cannot devastate or humiliate you. He or she cannot make you feel unworthy; only you can! The object of love is not to win someone over, break through their barriers, make them need or desire you, or make sure you don't lose. The object of love is to love, to cherish, to honor, to adore, to respect, to never harm, to appreciate and never depreciate another. You can even love without objectification. This is the nature of your true being, your soul, your spirit. To experience love for no apparent reason and for no ulterior motive is a great sign that you are nearing completion of your trials and karmic pain. It is the way home to your true self. In the meantime, allowing yourself to objectify love is a step in the right direction. To fill your life with friends and/or a partner who naturally inspire you to love is a wonderful thing. To surround yourself with sacred objects of beauty, to live in a place you enjoy, to be in nature regularly, to do what you really like to do are all important ingredients in life that can help you become a more loving person. To be in relationships with people with whom you do not resonate in order to try and learn to love them is not the quickest way to work out your karma. It may show you your patterns, at best. But to remain in a relationship that is all struggle and resistance can harm you and your partner. Everyone, and all of creation, deserve to be loved and adored. If you are with someone whom you cannot love and adore with all your heart, it will serve you both more to separate than to remain together. I am not speaking of a strong, loving relationship that temporarily goes through a rough period. I am speaking of relationships in which one or both of the people involved are in resistance and unhappiness more often than notxonce the honeymoon phase is over. You see, when the honeymoon phase ends, relationships are intended to deepen. The honeymoon may be fun and inspirational, but it does not contain the depth that long-term loving, supportive relationships do.

When the love, trust, and surrender between two people in love are strong, either or both partners can go through difficult times of emotional healing, job stress, or problems with friends and other family members without affecting the bond in the relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone you love, and about whom you deeply care, to support them in the rough times as well as the easy times will be natural and fulfilling. If you are, however, in a relationship chiefly because the other person makes you feel good about yourself, fulfills your sexual fantasies, and makes life better for you, then when your partner is experiencing pain or difficulty you will feel abandoned, neglected, and unhappy and you will probably blame your partner for it. In order for a relationship to have any chance of bringing about true intimacy and sustainable love, you must deeply care about your partner and his or her life, feelings, and well-being, and be moved to want to give freely and lovingly to your partner.

This type of relationship foundation is imperative in order to have the relationship be an augment to your spiritual path and that of your partner, and to achieve the type of sexual union that brings about healing and awakening of your soul. The essential nature of the unrestrained soul is tantra. This leads to being in a constant orgasmic state in your whole body. In this state, energy blocks are dissolved, emotions released to flow naturally, and spiritual experience of love and Oneness are the norm. And it is what you and Earth most need at this time ...As always, our intention is to make your process of awakening as loving, effective, and gracious as possible while facilitating a deepening within yourself with yourself, others, and Oneness. ... Ecstatic tantric love returns you to Divine Flow and enlightenment.

Amorah is founder of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, a contemporization of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School. She is author of The Pleiadian Workbook:Awakening Your Divine Ka, The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.

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