Are you ready for Soul Sex ?

Greetings Dear One .... If you have been following this blog for a while, you have probably witnessed how it has been evolving .... with time. What initially started of as a way to vent out feelings and emotions has turned out to be one of my life's missions which I am happy to have discovered .... at the right time, as always.

Relationships teach us emotions ... our emotions have a lot to say about ourselves. Once you are awakened to your own soul, there is no looking back and going back to someone you think you were. Perhaps, this change is what most of us find hard to wrap our intellect around, also because we haven't yet been able to open our hearts to loving all .... our mind, this sense of separation (the ego) keeps us in a perpetual state of suffering, as it desires ... its disappointed ... it seeks ... it fails .... it also wins at times .... giving it a false sense of accomplishment and momentary gratification. Finally all seeking, no matter what it helps accomplish has emotions attached with it ... which keeps bringing us important lessons, so we can evolve.

The Dark Night of the Soul may seem like recurring for some of us in our lives because he haven't yet learnt what was meant to be learnt .... sometimes the lesson is simply to let go of our illusions of the ego mind and just be. It is however not so easy without the guidance of someone who has walked the same path. For that reason we have our spirit guides, if only we listen to them enough through our own intuition. But we must go through a certain dark passage in our lives once we truly surrender to the universe to show us the way .... only then we truly appreciate the light. Until then we can keep reincarnating many lifetimes without having achieved much, which is essential to our progress as souls.

Sex, is a powerful medium to connect, heal ... exchange energy .... while experiencing the divine in this union of the opposites, the masculine and feminine energies. The world thrives on Sex, however its true purpose remains widely unrecognized as most seek instant gratification through constant orgasms and remain lost in the imaginary world of fantasies. It may be a very confusing period for some of us who are in difficult relationships, because of a changed lifestyle or worldview which may not be in sync with our partner .... this may lead to a lot of chaos and suffering in our lives, as the human drama plays out .... Sex and Love are two terms which have been twisted and manipulated by 'consensus reality' in so many ways that it has taken many perverse forms and keeps human consciousness in lower densities ... not allowing us to move towards higher frequencies. Love is who we are .... Sex is a way of expressing this love towards someone we are mutually drawn to from the deepest core of our being .... not solely because of other external factors such as looks, social status .... etc. Until we have recognized ourselves as a 'soul' ... our 'ego' will meet the 'ego' in others .... and we continue to feed our illusions and fantasies, as long as it lasts .... When two souls unite ... the divine magic beyond our limited self is experienced.

I came across this beautiful article on 'Soul Sex' which I deeply resonate with .... Hope it makes sense to you too .....

Are You Ready for Soul Sex?

Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with sex: media, magazines, movies, billboards. It’s everywhere and constant. Marketing and advertising uses sex to sell everything from hamburgers, to underwear, to cars.

As you know Sex itself is an incredibly powerful energy that when not understood can be the source of much confusion and suffering.

Regular sex is simply about a release, or relieving yourself of stress. It’s the type that leaves you deeply unfulfilled.

Soul sex is the understanding that it is really the exchange of energy, your energies and your partner’s. It’s alchemy that when engaged together in love can open and heal you, your mind, your body, your heart and Soul. Real sex is an energetic exchange and sharing not just a means to release or satisfy the body. Your body might be satisfied but, if sex just remains on a purely physical level, it will be a fleeting high. Real fulfilment cannot be found through the body alone. Pain and pleasure come and go.

The pleasure from sex that arises simply through the body is incredibly transitory. Soul sex happens when you recognize who you are and who the other is. First and foremost, you are Souls, not just a physical body. Then your lovemaking becomes the opportunity for your Souls through the vehicle of your body to dance, exchange, communicate, play and express loving as a gift to each other. When you engage your beloved sexually with the fullness of love and you no longer see your partner as a separate self or simply as another body of flesh, a profound shift occurs within you and your lovemaking will deepen. Then the real exchange happens on the Soul level. At the Soul level there is a sacred communion, the illusions of separation between you and the other drop away and you dissolve as ONE.

As you realize that you are not the body, your partner is not the body, but you are Souls, you can allow each other’s body to serve as a temple becoming the portal into a deeper dimension of the Infinite. What you then exchange with your partner through your bodies is Love energy itself. Then it becomes in the truest sense Lovemaking. You are both sharing the love that you are in that moment.

So Soul sex is the surrender of yourself, not just to your partner but also to the Divine that is living alive within him/her Itself.

Then, something magical happens. Sex moves from needing something, trying to get something, or a game of power and control. It is a letting go of control. It becomes about deep surrender to that which is living and breathing us all.

True lovemaking happens the more you realize and embody that what you are is LOVE itself.

When you make love, you let go. Then there is no you or other. There is only Now. There is only Freedom.

Perhaps this is why we are so obsessed with sex a culture. Yet what we are really seeking is not simply a momentary release – but something far deeper. We are searching for that which is formless and beyond pain or pleasure.

You are ultimately seeking your true Self.

Sex then becomes no more a path to enlightenment, but the very manifestation of Enlightenment itself.

Your lovemaking becomes the expression of the true Light of who you are, manifesting itself as an offering through your body.


Give up all techniques, strategies and resistances to loving. Let go. Release. Relax. Trust. Dive in. Embrace.

Simply surrender.

When you surrender, there is no more you or another.

There is no more lover, loved or loving.

There is only Love.

Love. Now.

~ Kute Blackson

Source : Daily Love

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