Smoking Ganja : The Yogic Way !

"Hamsa" is a pure state of mind that relates to a mythical swan. This mythical swan supposedly could drink the milk out of water that was mixed with milk. Hamsa refers to the mind able to filter and absorb the good through the vast inputs before it. When we meditate and go deeper inwards our thinking patterns change and gradually our mind begins to perceive from higher conscious states, like a swan gliding above thought process. When the mind goes inwards and goes beyond to the thoughtless realm of deep meditation, the mind state is called 'Hamsa'.

Yogis who meditate for years together acquire a pure mind state that enables the discipline and insight to choose the right intake of food and herbs. Ganja, as marijuana is called in India, is considered to be a sacred herb of Lord Shiva due to the effect it has on the mind to go inward, with focus.

Ganja, however, is also regarded with reverence. In other words, ganja is to be be smoked exclusively to take the mind to the oneness state. The effect of taking the inward journey through ganja is- ability to transcend the mind, i.e, to go beyond sleep to the sleepless sleep state called turiya by the yogis; to transcend body consciousness, i.e, to go beyond hunger, heat and cold; ability to empower the mind with clarity, insight, creativity and focus. All these effects are actually nearly the opposite effects that one might have when ganja is smoked simply for recreation.

These are steps suggested from the yogic wisdom to enhance the goodness of this sacred herb of higher consciousness ...

1. Keep your stomach light, i.e, ensure a gap of at least two hours before you had a meal. A light stomach enables the mind to climb beyond body consciousness.

2. Sit down and go into the calm space within. Become aware of breath with deeper inhales, longer retentions and stretched exhales.

3. Feel your Soul as the Spirit within. Make a mental offering of the ganja to your Self, the joyful part of you.

4. Inhale breath- Make a straw with your tongue as you inhale. Inhale imagining the breath to be from the tail end of the spine- the root chakra.

5. Retain breath- Hold the breath and slowly visualize the spot above the navel as where the energies are rested.

6. Exhale breath- Exhale with your eyes close and focused on the 'third eye', the spot between the eye brows.

7. Skull breathing: inhale with full lungs, retain breath, bring the focus to the third eye and do short bursts of exhale visualizing the third eye utilizing the diaphragm. Do this a couple of times.

8. Inhale, retain breath and focus in the third eye and say, "Aaaaah" slowly and feel the sound become resonance as you visualize a light in the third eye.

9. Bring your focus into the third eye and find an immense calm space where you are in the moment- no thoughts of tomorrow or yesterday- just the now moment.

10. Say hello to the joyful stillness inside you - this is your soul, the Spirit.

11. Say a mantra that you like or tune into a mantra chant and allow the mind to be absorbed in the chanting that enables the mind to repeat in the same pattern over and over again. This condenses the mind to focus on a single point.

12. Take the ganja to your heart, think of an intent, i.e, like- 'Peace for the world",and feel the ganja being blessed by your favorite deity of worship- Jesus or Allah or Goddess Kali or any entity/being/name who you attribute as Source.

Now smoke the blessed ganja!

Enjoy the sacred inner journey to be a master of higher consciousness. We recommend you to listen to a powerful chant music - Turiya Nada on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads while you take your inner journey into light as a swan. Fly and glide !

Be the Supreme Yogi, the Self Awake - Lord Shiva !

The author Nandhi, is a Siddhar yogi- !

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