Using Vaporizers in Group Sessions

Group sessions portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizers? Why not!?

People who use vaporizers often like vaping with their friends, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Marijuana use is obviously an experience you want to share. However, not every vaporizer is good for group sessions. Find out from this article what features you should look for in a vaporizer if you want to be able to enjoy it with your friends. We also give you examples of vaporizers that are the best for this job.
There is a long list of aspects that determine whether a certain vaporizer is good for group sessions or not. "For example, a vaporizer with a low-capacity battery is designed for solo sessions as the battery might run out of power even before you finish the second round, which can be quite frustrating, especially if you wanted to show off with your new device in front of your friends." - says Jonathan Weed from VapeFully store, where you can buy premium class vaporizers. How to avoid such problems? Let's start by analyzing what features should a good group vaporizer have. Then, we'll look at specific models that meet the criteria.
Durable battery is a must
A large capacity battery is one of the most important aspects that decide whether a certain vaporizer will do a good job at group vaping. It's best to choose a vaporizer with a model that features a durable battery so that it allows for various sessions after it's charged. This means that you can forget about the models based 100% on convection (the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air) as their power consumption is much higher, which makes their batteries run out of power quite fast. They are definitely vaporizers for solo sessions. Vaporizers that consume less power and feature a large capacity battery will let you have a few rounds in a row, which should satisfy even the most seasoned fans of marijuana. It's a good moment for plugging your vaporizer so that your battery can get charged before the next inhalation. That's why conduction or hybrid vaporizers are best for group sessions - their power consumption is much lower than in convection models.

Powerful heating element
If you want your vaporizer to do a good job at group vaping, the heater of your vaporizer should have an adequate power. Why is it so important? If the heater has a low power and the inhalation is intense, the walls of the chamber will cool down and you will need to take a break so that the device can heat up again. When you vaporize on your own, it's not a big problem as the vaporizer usually has enough time to get back to the required temperature before the next draw. However, if your vaporizer is passed from one person to another when you vape with your friends, a device with a weak heater will not keep up with the tempo and won't maintain the right temperature. This, in turn, results in a lower performance of the vaporizer. Vaporizers with a powerful heating element won't have any problem keeping the temperature at a stable level even during some very intense sessions or will get back to the required temperature really fast, while being passed from one user to another.
Good size heating chamber
A small heating chamber is a desirable feature in the case of vaporizers designed for individual use because it lets you use a smaller amount of herbs at a time. When you vape in a group, though, a small chamber can be a real nuisance. A vaporizer with a small chamber that houses no more than 0.1 g of herbs will make you refill the chamber over and over again, which is quite tiring. "Vaporizers with a larger heating chamber for at least 0.25 g of material are the best for this purpose." - adds Jonathan Weed the expert from
Ease of use really counts!
There is a wide range of vaporizers available on the market and each of them guarantees a different level of use comfort. It's not so much about the operation itself, like switching the device on and off or setting the temperature. The inhalation technique can be a much bigger challenge. For example, some models require the draws so slow that a first-time user may have to take a few or even a dozen of attempts before he/she takes the draw the right way and gets the expected amount of vapor. It's not a good idea to use such a vaporizer for group sessions. That's why it's much better if you choose a device that doesn't require any complicated inhalation technique.

What vaporizers are best for group sessions?
As we've already said, if you want to vape with your friends, you should choose a vaporizer that has a large capacity, a durable battery, as well as a powerful heater and a large heating chamber. What's more, they should be devices that are easy to use. There are at least a few portable vaporizers that meet all of these criteria. Some of them are PAX 3 Vaporizer, PAX 2 Vaporizer, Boundless CF Vaporizer, Boundless CFX Vaporizer or the legendary Mighty Vaporizer and his stationary equivalent Volcano Vaporizer. All of these models are perfect for group inhalations and they are all available in the VapeFully store.

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