A Brief Journey of Psychedelics : From Frying your Brain to Healing it !

Art by Robert Beatty

The progress being made in psychedelic science & research is out of this world because it is a world apart from everything that I knew about the subject growing up.

"LSD & psychedelics will fry your brain and you will end up in a psychotic state for the rest of your life if you are stupid enough to take them. They are evil and will destroy your life."

Yes I lived a sheltered life. But that was the limit of my education on the subject. 'Stay as far away as possible if you want to live a healthy life'. And I did.

It was only in recent years I started seeing different information pop up about them. And the truth about psychedelics would appear to be very different and pointing to an almost magical impact on the brain. Forget mind blowing expansive experiences just for a moment. Forget mystical experiences also.

I am talking about the practical benefits of psychedelics, from giving up cigarettes to curing depression anxiety & PTSD and much more. In recent months MDMA has received the backing of the FDA who designated it as a 'breakthrough therapy' for PTSD. If the growing scientific community at the centre of this are to succeed it could have a radical impact on mental health treatment. It could as Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris says "change the world".

In my short video I talk to Amanda Feilding who is known as the 'hidden hand' guiding the research worldwide and neuroscientist, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris. I ask about where the fears originated from and what the results of the research is telling us.

Author : Frank McCaughey / https://www.youtube.com/user/frankmccaughey

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