We Are All One : Kids speak of Oneness and Love !

A wonderful short video with children speaking of what it is to be One by Mark Meyers set to John Lennon's song "Imagine" and "All You Need Is Love" towards the end of the video ... Listen very closely as the Kids speak about what Oneness & Unity is all about !

Some quotes from the video ...

" What you fail to do for others is what you fail to do for yourself. This is because you and the other are ONE !

" With this awareness comes a new respect for all of life "

" We Are One A Magnificent Journey From 'Me' To 'We' ! "

" Our Contrasts Do Not Have To Be Conflicts. "

" All Change is made at the level of being ... We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World "

" Let Your Passion Be The Fuel That Drives The Engine Of Change ! "

" Living This Message is the Best Way To Share This Message !!! "

Namaste Dear Ones ... We Are One Family of Infinite Love & Light ... In Lak'ech ... :)

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