The First Crop Circle of the 2010 Season is Here Now !

The first crop circle of the 2010 Season has arrived ... First noticed by Matt "Badger" Holloway in a field north of Old Sarum, Hampshire/Wiltshire as he was returning home from work last evening. He says, " ... I noticed the formation at 5:20 pm as I was travelling home on the bus. I returned to Old Sarum to take some pictures at about 8:45 pm. I went down to the farmhouse to ask permission to go into the field but I was unable to get hold of the Farm manager."

These are some of the enhanced ground images of the formation shared on Disclose.TV.Forum where Matt 'Badger' Holloway is a Super Moderator.

From what can be seen, it definitely looks like a brilliant one ;) ...

Herewith the first crop circle of 2010. It is in oil seed rape and measures approx: 180 foot diameter. It is a circle containing six arcs intercepted by a small circle surrounded by a larger circle. A lozenge shape lies alongside the sixth arc with seven circles lying in an arc below. It lies below the ancient Hill Fort Old Sarum in Hampshire. Sadly due to the fact that it lies in Boscombe Military Air space it is also directly below the helicopter low flight approach zone, the images were taken from 2000 feet and also the crop is not yet in full bloom so the imprint is poor.

Lucy Pringle

Old Sarum also happens to be on a Ley Line passing through Stonehenge ...

Quite interestingly ... This beam of unexplained light was captured on the night of the 2/3rd of May 2010, using nightvision goggles. Location East Field - Wiltshire ... :)

Eye Witness Report

I work at a factory a few miles north of the city and we have a works bus that takes us in, so I first passed that field at about 7:15am. As an avid enthusiast for Crop circles and other strange phenomenon I am always looking out for strange events wherever I travel. I can say with complete confidence the formation was not there when I proceeded to work. When I was returning from work at about 5.20pm I only noticed an area of flattened crop. I wasn’t totally sure if it was a formation as it wasn’t well defined from the road. After returning home I had a quick search on a few website to see if anything had been reported. As there hadn’t I grabbed my camera and headed up to Old Sarum. As the light was fading quite quickly I got out my little digital camera and started to take a few shots trying to get the best perspective. Unfortunately from my view point the formation didn’t yield up all its glory. I was unable to distinguish what the far side of the formation really looked like. I saw that there was a house very close to the field and I decided to try and gain permission to visit the circle. Unfortunately the lady who lived in the house was not the owner of the field. In fact, she was not aware that there was even a formation, so I showed her a few shots of what I had captured from the castle. She did tell me that she didn’t really believe in the phenomenon, although she was unable to give the permission, she was able to give me the phone number of the farm manager. Again, I was thwarted and unable to contact him. So at this point I walked back up to the ramparts of the castle and tried to get a few more pictures, but the light was nearly gone and none of the images I took at that point had any clarity. So, what I know about the formation from my own experience is that: The formation was constructed at some point between 7.15a.m. and 5.20p.m. There are no witnesses to the formations creation. Low flying birds seem to divert around the formation rather than fly directly over it. Lastly, When I was walking to and from the cottages on the other side of the field I perceived a low frequency hum. Now, I suffer mildly from tinnitus (too much speaker abuse at gigs!), which is a high pitch ringing of the ears that comes and goes occasionally. This noise was the opposite, more felt than heard. If you’ve ever listened to a subwoofer playing a drone note below 20hz you feel the pressure of the soundwave with only a barely perceptible low note. That is as close as I can describe the noise. As this is the opposite to tinnitus, I do not believe that was the cause of the sound but I am open to suggestions as to what it was. I Have since contacted the farm manager and he has granted me permission to enter the field on Sunday 9th May. So hopefully I will be able to get some good close up video and shots of the crop to see if the stalks are bent or the nodes have warped. And a friend has a Geiger counter, so we see if there are any anomalies to the background radiation to what they read within the circle. Hopefully we will be trying to fly a small remote controlled UAV with mounted camera over the circle, hopefully we shall get some good images! I shall give a further update after we have taken a closer look.

~ Matt Holloway

There are have been some more reports from Italy of freshly discovered Crop Circles which appeared on the 30th of April , 1st and the 2nd of May ... They remain in the rumors section on Crop Circle Connector ... from what can be seen of the formations they look pretty simple and the laid down crop isn't exactly neatly done like the awesome ones we saw last season ... particularly the Giant, Human Butterfly Crop Circle near Goes, Netherlands ... Magnificence Par Excellence !

 Namaste Dear Ones _/\_ ...

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