Who Wrote The Bible ? : A Documentary Film

Who Wrote the Bible? Is the Bible the Word of God? Why is the Bible full of Contradictions?

This documentary explores questions at the heart of the great Christian faith in a fair open-minded fashion. It is not meant to be inflammatory but informative. The truth one will see is the Bible is not what it is thought to be. So what is the Bible? Find out!

Robert Beckford learned the Bible at his mother’s knee and grew up believing that it was literally true.

But, 20 years on from his Baptist upbringing, Beckford is no longer so sure that ‘the good book’ is the pure, unadulterated word of God untouched by human hand.

For Beckford, who wrote the Bible matters more today than perhaps at any other moment in living memory.

His journey takes him from Birmingham to the West Bank, from Jerusalem to Turkey, and from Rome to Bible Belt America.

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