Deepak Chopra's JESUS : A Story Of Enlightenment

In this book "Jesus : A Story Of Enlightenment" Deepak Chopra tells the amazing story of how this spiritual Jesus emerged and why it speaks to all of humanity. By revealing the spiritual evolution of Christ, Chopra provides a fresh and unexpected understanding of a story readers thought they already knew.

As Chopra writes, The Jesus who is left out of the New Testament turns out to be in many ways the most important Jesus for modern times. His aspiration to find salvation vibrates in every heart. If it didnt, the brief career of a controversial, largely despised rabbi wouldn't mean much.

Yet that obscure rabbi became embedded forever in myth and symbol." The Jesus that emerges in these pages is, like so many of us, a seeker in search of a calling. With JESUS: A Story of Enlightenment, Chopra has created a classic tale that will forever change the way we understand God and the soul.

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld interviews Deepak Chopra about his most recent book - Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment. Related Articles :

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