Wisdom in Action : World Spirit Forum Movie

Wisdom in Action, a documentary movie by ARI Films shot at the 4th World Spirit Forum which hosted prominent scientists, thinkers and spiritual leaders from all over the world, uniting to discuss plans to heal the world. As an annual world conference the WSF World Spirit Forum offers the unique opportunity to build bridges and to open up for broad and boundless insights beyond conventional restrictions/constraints. The time has come for a new, united, holistic, sustainable and humane future. The WSF World Spirit Forum is a unique platform to develop solutions, visions and projects in accordance with the vision of a sustainable earth universe.

Our society, the economy, the scientific community and politics still operate on separate levels. Intersections are partly acknowledged but interactive thinking and action is needed in order to create lasting change. Since many appeals and efforts have produced little significant breakthroughs in a common thinking, life and work fuelled by spiritual motivation has become an opportunity to break out of old dependencies, to enhance and activate consciousness and the personal creative potential in order to leave well-trodden paths and to develop strategies leading to a sustainable and holistic world. The WSF World Spirit Forum is a non-profit-organisation. Founded as a charity based in Zürich, Switzerland. We are counselled by an advisory committee in spiritual and technical matters. Related Articles :

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