The Brighter the Light the Darker the Shadow : An Interview w/ Michael Glickman

"The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow" is an Interview with prominent Crop Circle researcher Michael Glickman featured on CROPfm in August 2004.

Tarek Al-Ubaidi met up with Michael Glickman in Horton/Wiltshire, and did an interview on crop circles, their meaning and the shift ! Chris Haderer recorded and edited the material.

“I have been drawing crop circles since 1990. Over the years I have developed several techniques and, whether working from measured surveys or from aerial photographs. I have tried to produce drawings, which embody - insofar as I could – the grace and precision of these enigmatic patterns.

The simpler formations take half a day to complete while some of the more complex have needed several weeks, occasionally months, to work out more fully the nature of their geometries.

In every case, however, there was something new to learn. An insight into the awesome skills of these artists, whoever they may be, or a hint of a further understanding of the phenomenon.

Season by season I have filed the diagrams away though I was never quite sure what might be done with them. And then, around 1996, I began – in more and more detail – to envision a range of posters. In late 2001, working with Allan Brown, we started to design the poster series. Allan, like me, is a designer and we both relish the task of drawing the latest formations. Perhaps the hardest task we faced was the editing, the brutal choice of which glyphs to include and which to cast overboard.

Assembling these posters has been for both of us a charmed and rewarding experience. We hope that they bring you a similar pleasure.”


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Most of the successive crop circles shown represent the symbol of the planets conforming the intergalactic civilizations, the same as our earth symbol y the star of David or the symbol that Zionists use in the flag of Israel. We need to make our symbol visible for them to communicate that we have understood the message. If you want to make contact, please email to: [email protected]. There are more answers. Thanks

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