Clinton On Roswell, UFOs & Government Secrets

In this rare interview ex president Bill Clinton speaks about Government Secrets, UFOs, Area 51, Aliens, the Roswell incident and the exciting times that lie ahead of us when the truth is revealed for all to know ...

Clinton speaks of the billions of solar systems out there and the possibility of life existing elsewhere in other universes being huge. He speaks of life on Mars and how we should continue to explore life on Earth and in the Heavens beyond Terra ! He knows more than he says he does but it's a good start to accept before the masses that there is more ... Related Articles :

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Anonymous said...

That laugh when Clinton is asked the original question, and the look on his face tells me that he is being very careful and DISGUISING his re-action to the question. I reckon ufos are from the future and when Clinton goes on to talk about Cloning and genetic engineering, he is hinting at that. If youve ever watched that t.v show "Lie To Me" you will be familiar with the idea of being able to read people through their body language and facial expressions and Clinton is portraying expressions here that equate with cautiousness and starts off the talk with expressions that serve to conceal an extreme emotional reaction to the subject. Imagine the reactions of people here on earth to the idea of genetically engineering life forms for the purpose of survival and exploration of space, and other purposes.

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