Quetzalcoatl Crop Circle at Picked Hill, Wiltshire : 9th July 2012

Yet another serpentine crop circle formation this season ... seems very symbolic of Quetzalcoatl making his fabled return in 2012 ... the eye symbolism too has been repeatedly seen in many formations this year. The Eye symbolism was also seen in the Anchor Crop Circle which appeared on the 25th of July 2010 at Milk Hill.

Some more close up shots of the Picked Hill formation ...

Here is a channeled interpretation through Amuna Ra from the Star Council of Light ...

This dragon at Picked Hill bears the same formation in the head area as the previous formations which did not remain long, for we wish you to see the eye which watches you. It is the eye of the winged serpent, the feathered serpent, who roams these lands as the dragon power in the earth. For the great Quetzalcoatl is none other than the dragon power which courses so powerfully through these sacred lands. You experienced the form of his body as being squeezed in, and so it is, squeezed in by the pressure of the accelerating times. You too, dear ones, are often experiencing being squeezed, being pressured, by time are you not? But the power latent in the coils of his body can be very great when unleashed, and you can feel the whiplash potential of the tail.

We have coded the end of his tail with a star to remind you of your starry origins, as of his also. For the great Quetzalcoatl who returns is a star being. Behind all the ancient gods are beings from the stars who seeded the earth and brought their wisdom to the evolving humanity. This knowledge now returns to consciousness in many of you. He is here with us and active in making these formations which speak with you and allow you to receive the energetic recalibrations you need in the processes of change you are undergoing, along with your dear earth.

Note the outstretched wings which hold the balance despite the pressing in. We have added the necessary medicine in the two small circles which further assist the balance of the whole. When you are feeling pressured, we ask you to seek the balancing medicines to restore the equilibrium in your souls. Walking in nature and entering our formations to receive the energies into you are ways of re-balancing. We send this new formation to assist you in your awakenings, and in your comprehension of our work through the crop circles.

The Star Councils of Light, 9 July 2012

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