3 Serpents Crop Circle at Avebury Stone Circle : 1st August 2012

The 3 Serpents Crop Circle near the Avebury Stone Circles was reported on the 1st of August 2012 ... Yet another intriguing formation with crescents and diamonds which have been seen in many of the formations this season ... the message seems to point towards an alignment of planetary bodies moving around the Sun which is shown with intense solar flare activity in the central circle ...

Here is what Red Collie has to say about this one ... " First we saw Woodborough Hill on June 9, which showed three “ocean sunfish” swimming metaphorically upward through the sky, in order to represent planet Venus moving up and away from the Sun after solar transit on June 6. Then we saw Milk Hill of June 25, which compared Venus to a “sunfish” or “serpent” swimming up at dawn through the stars of Taurus. Next we saw Stanton St. Bernard on June 29, which compared the passage of bright Venus through those V-shaped stars to the metaphor of a “cross” on top of a 'Christian Cathedral'. "

On July 9 we saw another spectacular crop picture at Picked Hill, where Venus as a “serpent” was now turning back down toward the Sun, while passing by certain bright stars in Taurus. Then on July 17 we saw Phase II of Stanton St. Bernard (not shown), where Venus was drawn next to our Moon, while it was occulting Jupiter. Finally on July 20 we saw Phase III of Stanton St. Bernard, which showed bright Venus passing down through the stars of Taurus towards a diamond-shaped asterism (shown below). Four previous crop pictures of similar style therefore describe the “current astronomy of Venus”. Why would paranormal crop artists be interested in such an obscure subject? It seems to go back to ancient Mayan culture, and how they regarded any motion of planet Venus through Earth’s sky as symbolic of the life and/or actions of their beloved god-teacher Quetzalcoatl, whom they called a “Feathered Serpent”.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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