We Are The Infinite Ocean Of Cosmic Light

That Light is not somewhere "else", not somewhere "beyond" our physical existence, nor is it simply a universal condition that existed in the distant past and is now out of reach. It shines within us right now as the very source of our being. In that Light, we are quite literally unified with the entire Universe. We always have been and always will be.

This transcendental state of unity is certainly an abstract concept, and in metaphysical languages we might have to refer to it as a higher dimension, but that higher dimension is not separate from our everyday experience of the physical world. On the contrary, it provides the very substance of our entire experience of being here now. It is the "stuff" of both consciousness and matter, from our living bodies to inanimate rocks to the distant quasars. If that Cosmic Light were not shining forth at this very moment, nothing whatsoever would exist.

The essence of mystical knowledge resonates with our deepest level of being, yet it persistently defies our logic-oriented minds. Normal objective logic is based on the knowledge of material separateness, and as far as our everyday existence is concerned, this is what reality is. To the ancient mystics, this is the classical trap.

The physical level of experience is that part of our being which makes us think we are separate, when in Reality we are not. If we think the physical is the only mode of being, we have fallen into the trap of the ego-self -- we have become so fully attached to the material realm that we too easily think of our body as our only mode of selfness, and have come to think of it as the only part of our being. This causes us, for example, to fear death. We fear death because we cannot see beyond it -- we have essentially no awareness of our true multi-dimensional reality and those modes of our being which are independent of the physical body.

The material world is transient -- things come and go, bioforms included. To the mystic, all forms of impermanence are a type of non-reality, and in many of the ancient teachings, such as in the writings of one of the most highly revered non-dualists, Shankara, we find the physical level being referred to as illusion. This is not to say that it doesn't really exist, but rather that we see its true form in a limited, illusory sense. There is no doubt that the physical experience is real. If we walk into a brick wall, it hurts -- both the wall and the pain are real enough. But the pain will pass, the goose-egg will heal, and the wall will eventually crumble. What is important to realize is that through all the experiences of change, the true reality which underlies and creates the physical world of change does not change. That level of reality which never changes is the most real -- everything else is temporary and illusory. The ultimate substance and reality of the Universe is not separate particles scattered around in space, but rather a timeless condition of Universal Light.

Source : Cosmic Light - The Ocean of Cosmic Light

We meditate upon that Divine Sun,
the true Light of the Shining Ones.
May it illuminate our minds.

The Gayatri Verse of the Vedas

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