New & Full Moon Dates 2010

The first full moon of this year 2010 will be rising tonight, 30th January 2010 and will be 14 percent larger and 30 per cent brighter than the usual full moons of the year. This is because the moon orbits the earth in an elliptical orbit with one side 50,000 km closer to earth than the other. In astronomy these two extremes are called apogee, which means far away and perigee that means nearby.

The moon at perigee looks larger and brighter than it looks in all other positions. Once or twice a year, perigee coincides with a full moon, as it will tonight, making the moon larger and brighter than any other full moons during the year. It will be seen in its full glory at around 8pm tonight. Mars, the red planet will also be visible towards the left of the moon.

Full Moon names date back to Native Americans, of what is now the northern and eastern United States. Those tribes of a few hundred years ago kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon. Their names were applied to the entire month in which each occurred.

New Moon & Full Moon Dates for 2010

New Jan 15 2010
Full Jan 30 2010

New Feb 14 2010
Full Feb 28 2010

New Mar 15 2010
Full Mar 30 2010

New Apr 14 2010
Full Apr 28 2010

New May 14 2010
Full May 27 2010

New Jun 12 2010
Full Jun 26 2010

New Jul 11 2010
Full Jul 26 2010

New Aug 10 2010
Full Aug 24 2010

New Sep 8 2010
Full Sep 23 2010

New Oct 7 2010
Full Oct 23 2010

New Nov 6 2010
Full Nov 21 2010

New Dec 5 2010
Full Dec 21 2010

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