Crop Circle Silbury Hill : 31st May 2010

Another brilliant formation was reported on the 31st of May at Silbury Hill, in a barley field very close to where we saw the 'Quetzalcoatl / Mayan / Native Headdress Crop Circle' last season ... Here's Andrew Pyrka's review of the formation ...

Ladies and Gentleman – The Silbury Hill formation without a single doubt is 100% genuine.

I find the beauty and the inbuilt clock within nature quite astonishing. A simple plant knows that its late in growth so it surges to catch up and meet the deadline of harvest. Only a few days ago we commented that it could be several days before there is a chance of a barley formation, but with a combination of sunshine and rain the fields have now changed from vibrant yellows to chlorophyll filled green.

The makers have returned to the same field once again, just opposite Silbury Hill and only a few meters from where 2009s Mayan Headdress formation was, to bring us the first formation of 2010 in barley.

A simple but elegant formation, featuring swirls within the flattened sections of the formation, measuring at 195 feet in circumference, we also measured the smaller elements which were 24 feet from point to point, this measurement was equal throughout the formation.

A colleague of mine made an interesting observation – if you look towards Silbury Hill the nearest horizon just behind the hill is level with the top of Silbury Hill. No matter where you stood in the formation the level of the horizon remains the same – the point here is – if this formation was made a few feet lower or higher then this horizon would not line up with Silbury Hill. This may indeed have an importance when it comes down to alignment of formations, but to achieve something of this nature would require surveyors laser type equipment and one hell of a good judgment in placing the formation in this perfectly lined up spot.

Can all visitors to crop formation please apply some common sense, show some respect to the framer and walk into formations via tramlines. The Silbury Hill (only a few hours old! ) formation has already developed unsightly veins where visitors took short cuts through the barley.

~ Andrew Pyrka

Images copyright (c) 2010 Andrew Pyrka

Watch a video of the Silbury Crop Circle Formation ... 31st of May 2010 !

Reference : Report A Crop Circle Formation (Facebook)

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Anonymous said...

I dont get why don't they just put cameras all over the place. They are already spending alot of money investigating the Crop Circles.

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