The Freedom Movie : A Political Awakening

The Freedom Movie is a documentary by consisting of almost 2 years of research condensed into just over 5 hours of video providing solutions to literally every problem in the world.

The topics covered in this documentary are
  • The Power Structure of the World
  • The Central Banking Monopoly
  • The New World Order
  • RFID Chips
  • Neurotoxins in Food and Healthy Alternatives
  • How to cure any disease
  • Codex Ailmentarius
  • ChemTrails
  • Free Energy Suppression
  • Silenced Whistleblowers
  • The UFO Reality
  • Deep Underground Military Bases
  • Celebrities Speaking Out
  • The Second Ammendment
  • Economic Collapse
  • NWO Disinformants
  • 10 Ways to Prepare for the Future
  • The World Economic Solution
You can watch the full 3 hour and 2 minute video if you have the Veoh Web Player installed ... Reference : Related Articles :

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