UFO Disclosure Free Energy : Obama's Memorandum On Scientific Integrity

President Barack Obama issued a memorandum to the heads of executive departments and agencies to maintain transparency in the preparation, identification and use of scientific and technological information in policy making. His memorandum instructs Federal agencies to make available to the public the scientific or technological findings or conclusions considered or relied on in policy decisions. Obama also mentioned appropriate whistle blower protections in order to ensure the integrity of scientific and technological information and processes on which the agency relies in its decision making or otherwise uses or prepares.

The first two passages of the memorandum read as follows ...

"Science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of my Administration on a wide range of issues, including improvement of public health, protection of the environment, increased efficiency in the use of energy and other resources, mitigation of the threat of climate change, and protection of national security.

The public must be able to trust the science and scientific process informing public policy decisions. Political officials should not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings and conclusions. If scientific and technological information is developed and used by the Federal Government, it should ordinarily be made available to the public. To the extent permitted by law, there should be transparency in the preparation, identification, and use of scientific and technological information in policy making. The selection of scientists and technology professionals for positions in the executive branch should be based on their scientific and technological knowledge, credentials, experience, and integrity."

Obama began the year with signing the memorandum on 'Open Government and Transparency' & 'The Freedom Of Information Act' on January 21. Now having signed the Memorandum on 'Scientific Integrity' Obama is taking clear steps towards official UFO Disclosure and Free Energy solutions for all humanity. We can see steps taken towards creating a better Earth by making it possible for the public to learn more about suppressed technological information such as Antigravity.With Complete UFO and Extraterrestrial Disclosure our world will never be the same again ... and that time is soon to come when we will learn to truly live as one. As one in Spirit, beyond all boundaries and decrees based on separation ... Oneness is emergent and it's Now ... Stay Tuned :)

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