Alex Jones' 'The Obama Deception' Documentary

Alex Jones, the man behind the more active and verbose revolution of truth underway in our times is back with another shocking revelation about the shadow government that runs America, the bankers and their covert Government control in his latest Truth Documentary called 'The Obama Deception'. Obama is a man of strong words and the message of change we can believe has moved billions across the world. The world wants to believe in a 'Superman' President who seeks nothing but the truth and is here to free America and the rest of the world from a tyrannical system which enslaves the masses through the manipulative control of money and power. On the contrary this has not been the case so far with U.S. Troops still in Iraq and additional troops being sent to Afghanistan.

David Wilcock On The Anti-Obama Movement

" I have never taken as much abuse for this policy as I have since Obama became a major Presidential candidate, and particularly since he won the election and instantly became the new epicenter of online conspiracy theorists’ "rage against the machine."

Neither Alex Jones nor Jeff Rense, the two biggest players in the anti-Obama conspiracy media, seem to be aware of the massive amount of lies and propaganda being written and fed to them from within the Neocon and Illuminati factions themselves, causing them to deliberately overlook the vast majority of evidence that counters their established positions.

I respect both of these men for their courage, bravery and intelligence. I have active subscriptions to both of their MP3 archives. I have been reading both of their websites since I first got online in 1995. I have never been invited to appear on either of their shows, which is fine. I sincerely hope their information is never obstructed, as historically it has been extremely beneficial to know these things and be aware of the bigger picture.

Jeff’s site used to go into a lot more detail about UFOs and the hopeful aspects of what is going on in the world, and it has changed quite a bit in the last several years. James Neff’s beautiful CG animations of UFOs in the sky have now been replaced by David Dees’ inflammatory political graphics, and the bulk of writers seem to be more negative, sarcastic and savagely opinionated than I ever remember them being in the past.

I seem to be one of the only scholars out there who is simultaneously aware of the insider politics and has not joined the nearly-unanimous anti-Obama internet conspiracy brigade. Does this mean I’m hopelessly wrong and lost? Time will tell. Time will tell. "

The game of deception goes on until it has to and then emerges the inevitable truth. There are many who believe in Obama and keep him protected, holding him dear in their thoughts and prayers. The deepest truth of Oneness that binds us with all creation sees no difference between Hitler, Plato, Shakespeare, Rockefeller, members of the Bilderberg group, Bush, Obama, You, me and all that we can see ... all that is, was and will ever be ... Love is the energy which transforms all .... We are one consciousness ... we are the one's we've been waiting for. The power of thought and the magic of manifestation is every increasing in these times and if you just pay a little silent attention to your waking life, you will see the power of thought manifestation in the amazing synchronicity you are an integral part of !

To Love is to be at peace ... :)

((( Peace & Love )))

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Anonymous said...

Barack O'bama is a Marxist of the first caliber. Everything he does and says supports this. More people have been killed in a time of peace under communism than all the wars in American History.

Conrad said...

The previous poster is 100% accurate! Obama is a liar, and a good one too! His policies and practices are Marxist. Yes, it looks and feels right at the moment, but it will all end in slavery if it continues!

Anonymous said...

The bible says love your enemies . Strange one Obama ...

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