Richard Boylan On Orbs At The Ramtha School Of Enlightenment

In a letter from Richard Boylan to Joan Ocean from ET Friends on Orbs ...

Regarding my presentation at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, we acknowledged the presence of hundreds of levitating orbs there, especially in the giant lecture hall, but also in the practice fields. These were captured on film. These orbs are energy consciousnesses who are interested in observing humans who are pursuing important inner development. Many of them are Star Visitor energy beings and some are quasi-incarnations of humans who have passed on.

My talk was very well received. It covered everything from the revised history of the human race (including Star Visitor intervention ancient and current) to Star Visitor-human encounters and the rapid transformation of the human race (presaged by the emergence of Star Seeds and Star Kids.) And the students were most impressed when a photo of my lecturing (shown afterwards) revealed a very luminous orb the size of a medicine ball resting on my left shoulder like a parrot. One staff person quipped, "Now we know where Dr. Boylan gets his sources." Ramtha made a surprise visit later after my talk to give an impromptu talk of his own. He honored me by coming over and kissing my hands and Third Eye spot (forehead) before returning to the lectern to give his teachings.

I encouraged dialogue with the energy orbs who are present; and staff led an exercise to communicate with the orbs and seek validation by the orb manifesting within its circle some sign of "communication received". In previous attempts some students had seen an orb with a letter initial showing, which answered their question. I look forward to re-immersing with this sincere and high-minded group of spiritual and metaphysical practitioners. The world is a better place for the advanced students being graduated from this program. Such will help move us from Fourth World stagnation to Fifth World cosmic, ecological, egalitarian society.
So be it!

Source : ET Friends

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tybo29 said...

i have evidence of orbs leaving a dust print!

Anonymous said...

I caught an almost identical "Orb" while photographing fireworks in a local park. Its an artifact of the lense and ccd in the camera. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

im very curious about these orbs due to the fact that i can create them , and i can see them as well, not just in photographs but around me, i need help understanding this .
[email protected]
i will appreciate any information

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