Daniel Pinchbeck's Toward 2012 Perspectives On The Next Age

Daniel Pinchbeck, the Editorial Director for Reality Sandwich is back with his latest book on 2012, called Toward 2012, Perspectives on the next Age ! The first Reality Sandwich Anthology which promises to be an adventurous enquiry into various elements of an ongoing shift in human consciousness, a deep celestial transformation underway affecting our planet in the near future.

The Prophecies, Crop Circles, Synchronicity, Extraterrestrials, Psychedelics, Dimensions, Socio-Political Upheaval, Electronic Dance Music, Organized Chaos, Sexuality, Religion, Metaphysics and the Shamanic evolution of cosmic consciousness would be some of the topics discussed in this book to be published on Dec 26 2008.

Here's what the cover jacket says about the book:

"This fresh and thought-provoking anthology draws together some of today’s most celebrated visionaries, thinkers, and pioneers in the field of evolving consciousness— exploring topics from shamanism to urban homesteading, the legacy of Carlos Castaneda to Mayan predictions for the year 2012, and new paths in direct political action and human sexuality.

Toward 2012 highlights some of the most challenging, intelligent pieces published on the acclaimed website Reality Sandwich. It is coedited by Daniel Pinchbeck, the preeminent voice on 2012, and online pioneer Ken Jordan, and features original works from Stanislav Grof, John Major Jenkins, and Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky); interviews with Abbie Hoffman and artist Alex Grey; and a new introduction by Pinchbeck.

Here are ideas that trace the arc of our evolution in consciousness, lifestyles, and communities as we draw closer to a moment in time that portends ways of living that are different from anything we have expected or experienced."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've read Daniel Pinchbeck's other books, and although I don't agree with everything he says, I do think he is generally a good writer with interesting ideas. This looks like an excellent compendium.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

I think Daniel is a good writer ... :)
He is an honest man with a fairly deep meaningful understanding of ancient esoteric knowledge known to mystics, scholars and the wise men of the 21st Century !

This book will certainly be a good read !

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