26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, Beware Of The Grand Deception

As another dark plot to create unrest among the citizens of India and Pakistan unfolds, vital clues to a much larger deception called the war on terror come to light. I would like to quote a line from Zeitgeist, 'To keep a society, a nation together there is a need to create an outside enemy figure!' More so, to capitalize on peoples emotions and keep nations at perpetual war with each other at all levels.

So, what we know so far about the Mumbai Terror Attacks is that there were about 10 men who rained havoc and murdered many innocent people at the CST Railway Station, Nariman House, The Oberoi and The Landmark Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai on the 26th of November 2008. Kasab(Only One Arrested)and Khan began with killing 56 people at the CST railway station and then they took a hijacked police vehicle and went on shooting people at will at the Cama & GT Hospitals. On their way they got off the police car and got into the Silver Skoda Octavia of an unsuspecting person who thought it was the police, hence stopped his car. As the CST was being attacked, at Leopolds Cafe' a popular hangout for backpackers in Mumbai which also featured in Gregory David Roberts' autobiography Shantaram, gunmen hurled grenades killing at least one person. At Nariman House another premeditated attack on a Jewish centre run by Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, killing both while the Nanny rescued their 2 years old son Moshe and managed to survive.

There is enough to see under the India's 911 / Mumbai Terror Attack banner on Indian News Channels enraging millions all over India, creating animosity towards Pakistan. As per Kasab's statement they were trained at various LeT (Lashkar-e-Toiba) camps in Pakistan for this mission and reached Mumbai by the sea route. They carried out the CST attack to divert the attention of the police while their counterparts could storm the other targets namely the Oberoi and the Taj where the gun battle lasted the longest, 3 days. They singled out and killed American and British nationals at both the Hotels indicating purposeful intent. The Chief Chef at the Taj is said to be an accomplice of these terrorists helping them bring in weapons and supplies and stock up their already booked rooms at the Hotel for the Mayhem to ensue !

Pakistan saw a similar bombing at the Marriot when a suicide bomber rammed a 1000 Kg truck loaded with 600 Kg of military explosives killing 52 people and wounding about 271. Guess what did Bush have to say about it ... US President George W Bush said the attack was "a reminder of the ongoing threat faced by Pakistan, the United States, and all those who stand against violent extremism". All these so called terror attacks in Pakistan and India are well planned acts of generating fear and panic among the unsuspecting populace who quickly lap up all the mainstream media propaganda and would gradually become more accepting towards the inevitability of WAR, a violent means to attain peace killing brave men of either army willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country.

It's time each one of us seeks to find the truth for ourselves rather than accepting all the terror talk targeted towards an outside enemy giving good reason for a nuclear war to break out wiping out either or both nations completely. Why does the US have to play Father figure to the whole world preaching the old worn out 'War Against Terror' slogan endlessly ? It is time to wake up from our blind folded realities and seek the truth, for the truth will begin to change our world view to a clearer picture as to what is really going on in our waking reality. Politicians and a corrupt system based on greed and globalization ripping the Earth of it's natural beauty shall not last for too long and this change my friend, is happening now, within each one of us ! I just hope we are silent enough to listen to the inner voice when it has so little yet so much to say !

((( ONE )))

It's time to drive Fear out of our lives and let the spirit tune into cosmic consciousness most know as God. We are here for a good reason and it's now we can make a difference to the course of events we are all heading for in the near future. Old paradigms are falling apart making way for the new vibration of Love and Oneness.

Together we will change the world by being the change !

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Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Ahmmm ! The Truth will surface and a global awakening is dawning NOW ! We need to be cautious and approach the "TERROR" issue with a lot of thought and understanding of world politics underway in our present turbulent times ! It's not the religion or the people, it's the lack of awareness which is killing us every day ! Time to awaken to the underlying truth of LOVE & ONENESS !!!

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Recommend this movie to all ... Kymatica The Film : Sequel To Esoteric Agenda !

((( Shine On )))


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