The Dark Side of Goa

The sunny and bright side of Goa is a treat for all and it does feel like you're in Paradise ... even if that fleeting feeling is for a short while ... until you stumble across the dark hidden underbelly of paradise, lost ... or is it ?!

In this never ending pursuit of happiness in the outside world through the physical senses we seldom stop and wonder what the fuck are we really doing other than chasing shadows of the past and feeding our addictive behaviours within the confines of closed circles of folks dealing with similar demons ! Do we really need to keep chasing those sensory pleasures aimlessly, day after day ... fooling ourselves in believing tales of non existent P.LU.R values in the modern party scene which once was a code all true ravers followed ! 

But the show must go on ... and the beat never really stops ... the chaos has increased manifold ... clearly evident if you do happen to step out around NYE anywhere in the Northern coastal belt of Goa ... its unimaginable how accustomed we have all become to chaos in our lives, desensitised to so many things affecting life at large. Our lack of awareness of self is at the helm of all our troubles ... with a system that is built to control humanity and subvert human consciousness to its lowest lows. We are all healing at so many levels of our being and the universe is always guiding us all along, if only we could all see how this magic is weaved through the infinite intricacies of the cosmic loom. My healing journey and awareness of a spiritual reality began in the winter of 2006 in the wooded underground party scenes in Anjuna, Goa. The truth is that Goa is just so Dogon magical that its beyond words can describe. Its a place where Instant Karma and manifestation practices become the norm when lived consciously with complete awareness of ones actions ... something about being close to a huge water body is extremely calming for the empath. During sleep much healing and receiving direct messages and transmissions through dreams could transpire for the spiritually aligned ones.

Goa is something to be experienced and like everything in life, we create our own reality ... always. Some of us tend to easily get caught up in loops of familiarity which doesn't allow much learning to happen for most, stuck in our comfort zones. Hiding away from pain ... one way or another ... never truly healing and playing victim ... passing on the same hurt onto other people ... living unconsciously. Being part of a corrupt and violent system can only yield a similar energy on the dance floor. What was once underground has now become a commercial pseudo-underground party culture where this is little or no regard for anything including human life. Whether its dirty cops extorting money out of fearful tourists caught on the wrong side of things .... or uncontrolled mob violence leading to someones death ... the energy behind going to a party to have a good time is kind of defeated. All of us Goa folks have at some point taken a step back just to reflect at our own actions and the consequences that follow ... and realised how important it is to spend your time and energy, wisely !!! 

The dark side of anything only serves the purpose of bringing the uninitiated, into the light ... and so it is !

Tat Tvam Asi _/\_

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